Governments hoard food stockpiles in anticipation of public uprisings

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Ethan A. Huff
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Economic failures, government corruption, banking system fraud — these and many other factors have together contributed to the escalating turmoil that the world currently faces. The costs associated with everything from energy and fuel to food and health care have soared in recent years because of manipulation of the fiat monetary system, and actual shortages of resources. And according to reports, nervous governments are now starting to stockpile massive food stocks to offset what they believe is a coming wave of civil unrest over the continued rising costs of basic essentials.

Though not typically a course of action in the U.S., protests and even aggressive riots are rather common in many countries around the world, particularly those with blatantly authoritarian governments. When the noose gets a little bit too tight, the people of these nations often quickly push back and demand changes. The current situation in Egypt, for example, is a perfect illustration of what people are willing to do when they are pushed too far by their tyrannical overlords.

But the unrest is beginning to spread worldwide. As food prices continue to rise, and commodities traders warn about “panic buying” over fears of massive price increases, desperate populations are starting to take it to the streets, much like they did in 2008 when food prices skyrocketed ( But it appears as though the world is headed for another, and this time possibly worse, food crisis in the very near future.

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