Fear mongering for a higher debt ceiling

Milo Nickels
Five Cent Revolution

Do you remember when the Bush was in office and all of the leftist, progressives shouted from every mountain top that he was a fear monger–claiming there was a terrorist behind every tree?  If not, let me remind you:

Of course, they were right.  The Bush administration certainly used fear mongering to push an agenda.  The problem was not with the claim, but with the people making it.  Every time the liberals accuse republicans or conservatives of being a fear mongers, they are also making a silent assertion that their guys–the liberals, socialists, progressives, and democrats–aren’t.  Nonsense.  Career politicians, from all political persuasions, are professional motivators.  The only way any politician ever gets elected, shapes public opinion, or pushes an agenda is by motivating the people who listen to them.  And, like it or not, fear is a hell of a motivator.

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