Elites Set Orwellian War Against China And Islam?


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Hundreds of Iraqis took to the streets on Friday to demonstrate against a lack of basic services, the latest in a series of protests that have swept the country as turmoil rocks other parts of the Arab world. Iraq has been slow to get back on its feet almost eight years after the US-led invasion. In Baghdad, hundreds of protesters marched under the watchful eye of the Iraqi Army to the heavily-fortified Green Zone calling for an improvement in basic services. – Indian Express

Dominant Social Theme: Let’s ignore Iraq. It’s a Democracy now. Nothing happening there. Good.

Free-Market Analysis: Iraq is the forgotten war. Even amidst the chaos swirling around developing countries throughout the world, the Western mainstream media for the most part ignores Iraq. And perhaps one day – sooner rather than later – it will have its own re-revolution (see article excerpt above); not one to welcome in regulatory democracy (that’s already being tried, and wretchedly) but an Islamic Shia revolution. The Shias are Persian Islamists and the Iranian theocratic state is Shia. Iraq is mostly Shia and any uprising would likely – eventually – result in a Shia theocracy.

In fact, destabilization of existing regimes is taking place all over. As we’ve now documented (along with other alternative news sites on the ‘Net) it does not appear to be an accident. The scope of this article, then, runs far beyond Iraq, the status of which we have used merely for introductory purposes. In the rest of this article, we shall explore further the astoundingly ambitious effort underway by Western powers-that-be to foment civic unrest not just in the Middle East or Africa but around the world – and reasons why they may be doing so. The Anglo-American elite apparently plans to replicate the Egyptian revolution not just in the Middle east but worldwide via the use of the Internet and swelling youth demographics. See the following article:


The result of these machinations may not be “regulatory democracies” but Islamic republics – in the long term anyway. There’s ample evidence that Iran has something like this in mind. The website Iranian.Com recently posted a short article entitled “Iran’s Ahmadinejad claims ownership of Mideast ‘divine awakening’.” It went on to report that, “Iranians marked the 32nd anniversary of their Islamic revolution on Friday, with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claiming that Iran was the vanguard of a popular and divine awakening now under way ‘in every corner of this planet’.”

Of course every corner of the planet, realistically means Iraq and perhaps parts of Afghanistan. Most of the rest of the Arab world (and other parts of the globe) are largely Sunni, so it is doubtful that Shia Iran (Persia) would make much progress there. Of course we’ve written about this before, in an article entitled The Rise of Iran. Then we speculated (September 2010) that …

For the Western power elite (from our point of view) it is Mission Accomplished, at least in a certain, limited sense. The Iranian and Taliban strains of Islam are fairly severe (more so than say Shia Sufism) and between them incorporate a critical mass of perhaps 400 million. While this population is considerably less truculent (in an organized sense) than the erstwhile Soviet Union, it provides the critical mass necessary to generate an “enemy” that the Western mainstream press can continually identify and demonize.

In an era when the truth-telling of the Internet is continually destabilizing the elite’s fear-based promotional propaganda, the erection of a believable and even formidable enemy is of great importance from the Western elite’s point of view. It provides a rationale for increased authoritarianism, justifies the West’s increased use of spy-technologies (which are mostly domestically aimed) and provides a rationale for continued military-industrial spending.

Seen from this point of view, the West’s incursions into Iran and Afghanistan become comprehensible at a fundamental level as well. Saddam Hussein’s regime was fundamentally a nationalist one, but now with Iran’s growing influence in the country, the political structure has been overtaken by religious calculations. The theocratical elements of Iran’s Shia revolution have been spread not only into Iraq but also into Afghanistan.


In light of recent events, we revisited the issue. In doing so we discovered a remarkable commentary by John Rappaport, an alternative news reporter with his own blog. The article in question is also featured on Solari.Com and pulls together numerous disparate, global sociopolitical strands that we’ve been discussing here at the Bell. Rappaport’s thesis in this article seems to agree with ours: It is that the elite destabilization of the Middle East is indeed meant to create, eventually, a regional Islamic theocracy. Below, after our link, is an excerpt from Rappaport’s article, “Egypt And The Pyramid of Power.” We wrote something similar here:


Now we are faced with the possibility of a more unified Middle East under the banner of Islam. And what would this mean, from the point of view of the globalists? It would mean—if they can pull it off—a relationship with Islamists in which deals are cut from the top down. In other words, while oil continues to flow, the Rockefellers and Bilderbergers of this world would be able to use Islam more powerfully to scare the rest of the planet into a global management system (de facto world government).

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