The Tipping Point Has Passed: Sweeping Change is at Hand

Michael Edwards
Activist Post

When so many diverse forces converge and conflict, a tipping point of global awareness to the human condition is reached. The momentum must spill over into a time of sweeping change. 

The Awakening 

We head onward toward 2012 and the awakening provided by our choices from the myriad scenarios of “apocalypse.” At the very least, the political veil has been lifted from a tyranny that has revealed itself on a global scale for those who recognize it from the historical record.  But what comes after our scenario of choice?  Are we entering a new age of savages, or have we been enlightened from the perspective offered by experience and education?  Are we as prepared for a state of peace, as we are of collapse?  The signs are promising, primarily due to the scale of the oppression and danger we face.  Ironically, the wider the threat travels, the more united humanity actually becomes.  Peaceful protests, as well as violent confrontations are on the rise as economic and social crises have passed the point of no return.  For those who have felt that they could distance themselves from what happens to people in other places and cultures, the present situation is a wake-up call.

Even the media machine designed to lull us to sleep has been revealed as a part of the problem.  The rise of alternative media, and the steps taken to suppress it are all signs that the awakening has reached a crescendo, precipitating a major paradigm shift.  There is perhaps no greater current example of this than the social change expressing itself in Egypt.  The most populous Arab nation is using all means of freedom they possess, and are uprising against their oppressive regime across lines of politics, age, and economics.

Enter the radical: stages Left and Right

Our age is one of extremes: one can see this in our entertainment, our politics, our solutions to the spectrum of problems we face . . . and even our physical climate.  This would indicate that it is a time for choosing sides — anathema as it is for those who are inclusive by nature.  It is a challenging time for those of us who would like to see all sides of every issue, liberally interpreting the dialogue in a collective mantra for the human race.  Such a being is branded with any one of the scarlet letters assigned to the prevailing political parties of our modern world.  For those of us who would like to preserve a once-great nation, a political dogma, a religious instruction, or a fixed set of guiding principles, we find ourselves on a runaway train of manipulated change, environmental change, and technological change.  From either left-right spectrum, the stage upon which we have been told we can act is a moving one. So, from where exactly can we act our part?

The grace of our intellect

We are in this struggle due to the profound nature of our ability to discern the stimuli of our environment.  We are not animals, and we are not (yet) robots.  Some of us are; others wish to be; most are not even close.  No other being, so far as we can tell, has been able to harness their abilities and flaws to produce such world-encompassing results. Perhaps this is what is worth saving, and why our destructive capacities haven’t yet overwhelmed us. Perhaps this is why global “elites” who feel that their breeding and master planning are the symphony of humankind haven’t yet hit the correct note.

Amid the vast attempts at government-run oppression, there has never been a more empowering time for the individual. Across the globe, the average person has far more access to information and creative technology than at any time in human history.  This is a genie that cannot be put back into the bottle, save a physically catastrophic event that forces humanity back into the dark ages.  The human intellect is expanding and evolving in a way that is rendering divide-and-conquer strategies much less effective.

The Dialogue

In recent months, the open dialogue between tyranny and freedom has hit its crescendo in Europe and North Africa.  America, the country of extremes, has yet to respond to its own brand of tyranny.  The surveillance state is now entrenched; free speech is set to be eradicated; and the Internet kill switch has been placed in the White House, while it has been calmly announced that world is indeed run by “Globocrats,”  but not a conspiracy.  And yet we are aware of it en masse.

The alternative media, talk radio, lone activists, card-carrying organization members, and Facebook virtual activists are all something new for the managers of society to deal with.  This certainly has not been present in past closed totalitarian systems.  The dialogue is becoming heated to a point where the elite controllers seem to be worried about what they might have overlooked in their desire to predict and control mass populations.  So much so that they have engaged us, seemingly looking for a truce . . . or perhaps a bait and switch.  They have been pushed to the limit of revealing their structure and many of their actions because of free humanity’s mass awakening.  They now want to have a role within our human world; a place where they feel that they very well could be excluded.

The new world being born through climatic and technological change is one that very well could be total chaos.  In such a world, the all-encompassing State has no role; the individual regains control over their own actions and solutions to the problems which lie ahead.  The worldwide protests taking place are a clear sign that individuals are feeling powerful even in the face of increasing threats.  Each form of resistance is communicated on a global scale, and serves as an example to others, building into a powerful force of solidarity.  The more oppressive the response by governments, the nearer to victory we are.

Free humanity finds itself at center stage between the left-right forces of radicalism, as it seeks to find a point of stability and growth.  It is further proof that the essence of what humanity is has expanded its importance.  So, choose your bible; choose your party; or choose none of it.  One way or another massive change is coming.  Where do you wish to stand?

Tyranny’s Last Stand: The Tipping Point Is Here

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