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We are always pleased to find kindred spirits such as LPC Survival in the movement to help people prepare for independence.  For frequent visitors to our site, you know that we already have reported on the dire state of our fresh water supply, the poisons being added to our environment, the reasons why we should become self-sufficient, and have suggested New Year’s resolutions for how to take back control over our own lives.

The beauty of the liberty movement is that it consists of fiercely independent people who know the importance of working together in order to preserve that independence.  LPC Survival epitomizes this spirit, and we are very fortunate to have gained their support for our work.

For many years, LPC Survival has been an authorized dealer of the highest grade water purification systems available — Berkey Light Water Filters™.   The latest world news is rampant with reports of contaminated water from pollution and waste products of industry and agriculture, even found within municipal water sources!  The exclusive Black Berkey™ purification elements remove such threats as chromium, lead, and mercury up to 95%, and virtually eliminate trihalomethanes, chlorine, and other VOCs.  The Black Berkey™ purification elements are calculated to yield the greatest volume removal of known threats.  Purifying your water is the most crucial step in controlling the quality of water you deserve to enjoy.

We are also pleased to see that LPC Survival continues to expand its line of preparedness products to include other cornerstones of health independence such as Emergency Seed Banks.  The battle against GMO is at the forefront of our fight for independence, so this is an essential part of your preparation.  LPC offers 100% heirloom, non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds in a military-grade pack of 37,000 seeds grown by small, independent farmers, not Big Ag.

We urge you to prepare now for the challenges ahead and support those who have supported us.

Please pay a visit to our new sponsor, LPC Survival, “while time is still on your side.”

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