Odessa and Operation Paperclip

Philip Brennan

This article will hopefully collate everything that I know about post-war plans to help wanted Nazis escape Europe and Justice for their crimes. I hope that it acts as a spur to further research, and where possible, leads to the prosecution of those who aided and abetted the escape of such criminals, assuming that these people are still alive. Failing that, at least it will expose the duplicity of our governments in the biggest perversion of justice the western world has so far known.

Wherever possible I will be naming the names of those guilty, even if it means destroying the characters and reputations of those who were once held in high regard in our respective societies. The whole Second World War was planned and put into action even before the ink had dried on the Verailles Treaty by our respective governments on behalf of hidden rulers and factions who for the past three hundred and fifty years have played and toyed with the lives of countless millions.
To quote Greg Hallett: [1]
All wars are fake wars. Some are short and some are long, but all wars are ‘created’. Every war is a war of secrets. Wars with the greatest number of secrets take the longest. A war without secrets is ‘a bashing, a mugging, or a trial run’. Every war is a social experiment whose end is always ‘new ways of controlling the masses’. All wars are a front for creating social change.

Terms of Reference

Odessa – Organisation der ehemlaligen oder entlassenen SS-Angehörigen (Organisation of former or discharged members of the SS) – a clandestine network of SS personnel tasked with getting as many of their number to safety from post-war Europe.

Operation Paperclip – Secret OSS / CIC / CIA operation to help Nazis escape Europe to the United States and South America. Many of the top Nazis who ended up in the United States for a season were specialists in their respective fields that the powers behind the United States decided were too valuable to allow to go on trial for their crimes, but rather, were vital to scientific or psychological projects of the United States government in the Cold War period.
Operation James Bond – clandestine operation in the closing days of World War Two to get Hitler’s secretary, Martin Bormann, out of Berlin and to the United States. Ian Fleming was reputed to be a part of this operation for MI6.
Operation Winne the Pooh – super-clandestine operation to remove Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun to Franco’s Spain, tagged onto the end of Operation James Bond.
The Vatican Connection – Group of Roman Catholic Priests, many of them based in Italy or the Vatican City, who co-operated with both Odessa and Operation Paperclip to help facilitate the escape of wanted Nazis from Europe and justice.
American Secret Services – During the war there was the OSS (Office of Secret Services) and CIC (Counter Intelligence Corps). Then you had the OSI (Office of Special Investigation). The OSS and CIC were merged together sometime after the war into what we now call the CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency. Some believe that the OSS were soon separated out again in order to form the NSA (National Security Administration). The OSI were merged into the HRSP (Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section) sometime in 2010.
British Secret Services – During the war the two main secret services were known as the OSS (Office of Secret Services) and the SOE (Special Operations Executive). Under their control you had MI5, MI6, and MI10 (Military Intelligence units 5, 6, and 10). There were probably other numbered Military Intelligence units, but these three are the ones we know anything about. Shortly after the war, both the OSS and SOE got annexed into the SIS (Secret Intelligence Service), along with both MI5 and MI6. The public face of British Intelligence are MI5 and MI6, but really, they are just two small units within the SIS – fronts, if you will. In 1954, MI10 got “annexed” into GCHQ, but it still operates as a separate unit within GCHQ under the authority of the SIS.
Also, you have the SOU (Special Operations Units) formed especially for the Northern Irish Troubles in 1950. SO17 / SO20 / SO21 and SO18 were charged with controlling the Protestant paramilitaries on behalf of MI5 and the PIRA on behalf of MI6 respectively. SO17, SO20, and SO21 had control of the UDA, UVF and UFF on behalf of MI5, while SO18 had control of the PIRA, and later the INLA, on behalf of MI6. The Real IRA are currently under the direct control of MI5.
SO19 was formed to keep the armed police within the military and not the civilian police force. This became known as the Flying Squad, and was made up primarily of military personnel seconded into the civilian police to fulfill that role until “civilian” officers could be drawn into its ranks. The vast majority of SO19 personnel (now known as CO19) come from police officers who were formerly military, so whether or not CO19 are civilian or military personnel is still up for debate. 
Part One: The Spanish Deception   
Before we start on the whole candestine operation to remove as many top Nazis from danger as possible at the end of World War Two, I feel it is important to shed some light on its immediate precursor, the Spanish Civil War. Plans for the Second World War were already in action the moment the Versailles Treaty was signed, In fact, one could say that they were in place even before the ink had dried. Contrary to popular belief, the British Establishment knew full well of the German circumvention of the Versailles Treaty, and did nothing to prevent it. No matter how many times British agents handed clear intelligence to MI6 of Hitler’s rebuilding of Germany’s military might, and despite the clear prostestations of Germany’s neighbours, France included, the British Establishment made sure that all such intelligence was buried, destroyed, misappropriated, or otherwise misdirected from Parliament and the government of the United Kingdom. The British Establishment, the elites, were perfectly happy with their double agents in various countries across Europe, as well as in Germany: 
Benito Mussolini, confirmed British Secret Agent during the First World War [2], had got into power in Italy, just as the British Establishment had wished him to do. This was their first level of deception against their former ally, France, as France believed that if anyone could keep Hitler in check, Mussolini could. What the Frence did not know is that both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler had trained together at the Tavistock Institute in London in 1912.
Adolf Hitler’s missing years (1912-1913) have never been adequately accounted for by the embedded historians of the Establishment. This was done quite on purpose. We now know that he was in England during this time, training at the Tavistock Instutute in London from January to November 1912, and later staying with his half brother, Alois Hitler Jr., and his Irish sister-in-law, Brigid Hitler in Liverpool.
Herman Göring is believed to have been recruited by MI6 shortly after the failed Munich Pustch in 1923, while he was convalescing in a Swiss hospital for both the gunshot wound received during the failed uprising, and his subsequent opium addiction. His wife, Karin Göring, was a member of the German Royal Establishment and a fanatical Nazi, right from the formation of the NSDAP by Hitler out of the DAP. Many believe that it was his wife who not only turned Göring into a Nazi, but that she also turned him into an MI6 agent a long time before the failed Munich Putsch. We shall never know the whole truth of the matter, but what is certain is that Herman Göring was MI6 through and through.
Josef Stalin trained at the Tavistock Institute as a British Secret Agent in 1909 to 1911 (some sources say he started his training in 1907). As Hitler, an Austrian incestuous Catholic Jew, was given Germany on a plate by the British Establishment, so was Stalin, a Georgian kiddy-fiddler, given Russia on a plate by the same establishment.
Prescott Bush was in bed with both the British Establishment through the Rothschilds and the Nazis through IG Farben Standard Oil [3]. He bankrolled the Holocaust through IG Farben on the orders of the same establishment. His ties to IBM and other such companies further implicate him in the worst atrocities of the Nazi Era. His son, George Herbert Walker Bush Sr., was the head of the CIA in the 1970s, and is also implicated in the assassination of President John F Kennedy [4]. His grandson, George Walker Bush Jr., went on vacation with the bin Laden family during his childhood, including the late Usama bin Laden (also a confirmed CIA agent known as Tim Osman), and in adult life had ties with that family in oil interests. All in all the Bush family is the biggest clan of criminals in the United States, with the Clintons coming a very close second.
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was a clueless, useful, idiot. His nephew, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, on the other hand, was a very useful MI6 agent tasked with helping the emerging Nazi Party form their ideology. He did this through clandestine methods – influencing Arthur Moeller Van Den Bruck into writing ‘Das Dritte Reich’ [5] (The Third Reich) [6] and making sure that Hitler had a signed copy during his imprisonment after the failed Munich Putsch with which to base a lot of his ideas from in Mein Kampf – and not so clandestine methods – meeting with Hitler on numerous occasions in order to impart ideas to him [7] in keeping with his Tavistock training.
I could go on to list the other double agents working for the Crown, but I feel this is enough to start revealing the whole war of deception that the Second World War truly was. Now we have the main Dramatis Personae in place, it is time to see what role they played in the Spanish Civil War, and what role the Spanish Civil War played in the lead up to World War Two.
The civil war proper started in 1936, although there were signs of the impending Civil War as earlier as 1934. By April the 30th 1939, Franco’s Nationalist forces were victorious in gaining control of most of Spain, and his dicatorship lasted through the Second World War up to the late 1970s. Both the British Establishment and the German Establishment used this war as a testing ground for military technologies and techniques. German generals who had formerly been training in advanced modern warfare at the School of the Americas used the Spanish Civil War to perfect their Blitzkrieg technique of modern mechanised warfare. These techniques were actually formulated by American military academies and handed to the German Wehrmacht wholesale. Also, Göring’s Luftwaffe were perfecting various bombing and strafing techniques, also imported from the School of the Americas.
Meanwhile, the British Establishment were perfecting guerrilla warfare techniques most notably used in the French Resistance. Between the British Royal Establishment and the German Royal Establishment, the game plays for the coming Second World War were formulated and agreed between them. The four main aims of the Second World War was to destroy the power of the French Establishment, make as much filthy lucre as they possibly could, kill as many people as possible (the Holocaust and other atrocities were vital for this), and to enact massive social change in Europe by putting the whole of mainland Europe under Socialist governments after the war, which duly happened. After the atrocities of ‘Fascist’ governments in Europe during the Second World War, the people were conditioned to react the only way they could after the war – by embracing Socialist ideologies, which are really ‘Communism lite’. Hence the social change that both the British and German Establishments wished for came to pass, which led onto the formation of the European Union [8] by stealth through the Bilderberg Group and other clandestine round-table organisations. 
Part Two: Odessa
It was in the chaos of the internment camps that the ‘Odessa’ myth took shape. ‘In the PoW camps there were always two or three SS men who belonged to the organisation’, claims Simon Wiesenthal. ‘Odessa’ was their password. If one of them asked ‘What on earth are you talking about?’ they could always reply: ‘About a mutual friend who comes from the city of Odessa’. According to Wiesenthal, the purpose of the organisation was to provide SS war criminals with a route out of Germany and get them to South America. In 1947 an American agent was infiltrated into the Nazi network under the codename ‘Operation Brandy’; he reported that as well as the ‘Brotherhood’ and the ‘Spider’ there was an underground network called ‘Odessa’. The letters, he said, stood for ‘Organisation der ehemaligen (i.e. ‘former’) or der entlassenen (i.e. ‘discharged’) SS-Angehörigen’ (‘members of the SS’). The head of the group was said to be Otto Skorzeny. This is the first time that the name of the most legendary daredevil of the Third Reich had been mentioned in connection with ‘Odessa’… [9]
Odessa stands for “Organisation der ehemlaligen oder entlassenen SS-Angehörigen” (Organisation of former or discharged members of the SS), an organisation formed by SS prisoners of war while still in internment camps awaiting either trial or release. Some attribute its formation to Martin Bormann, Hitler’s secretary and MI6 agent, who was whisked out of Berlin in Operation James Bond [10], although the most likely candidate for Odessa’s foundation was either Freidrich Schwend or Otto Skorzeny. Who actually did start the Odessa network does not really matter, what does matter is that top Nazis were already facilitating their escape from Europe even before Germany’s final defeat in the Second World War.
The “Alpine Redoubt” plan was a non-starter, and MI6 wanted Hitler to remain in Berlin, where it would be easier to extract him at the end of the war. The “Alpine Redoubt” was built into the mountains of the Salzkammergut, near Bad Aussee. The Kernfestung Alpen was already inhabited by some units of the Waffen-SS, but this was soon abandoned as an idea as Berlin fell. The SS personnel there soon decided to take on disguise and try to meld in with the general Wehrmacht personnel as best they could.
As a side note to the “Alpine Redoubt” plan, since the end of World War Two there have been rumours of great hoards of Nazi gold in Lake Toplitz, but the most ever found there was a stash of forged British pound notes and the plates with which to print them. This was found in a diving mission in 1959, and since then, many other diving missions have been conducted in that lake looking for the fabled Nazi gold. The lake is 400 meters deep at its deepest, and the lake bottom has several meters of soft mud. Even if the Nazis did hide a large stash of gold there, it would be very hard to find buried under all that mud, and even harder to safely extract. If any Nazis did conceive and execute such a plan, they would not have been amongst the brightest bulbs in the pack. The most likely place to find Nazi gold is in a Swiss bank account…
Regardless, certain key Nazis while in detention founded Odessa in order to help each other evade justice and get out of Europe, if they can keep from being discovered amongst all the other German internees. Members of the SS were tattooed beneath the left armpit with their blood group, in order that they may receive prompt treatment in the case of being wounded in battle, and this became an easy method of distinguishing between ordinary Wehrmacht soldiers and SS personnel for their captors. Many tried to excise these tattoos before capture, but this just left an unusual wound or tattoo in just the right place. The best that they could hope for is that their new names would hold out during investigation and interrogation, so that their captors would not find out who they really were. Once they were cleared of any crimes by their captors, and had gone through formal “Denazification”, they were generally released back into the community.
Naturally, even after release they still ran the risk of being identified by their victims in civilian life, so Odessa was formed primarily to get as many of them out of Europe as possible upon release. With the amount of displaced persons in Europe seeking new lives elsewhere, this made their capture harder unless they bumped into survivors of the death camps and other atrocities. Quiet a few Nazis escaped Europe through exactly the same means as former death camp inmates did, but “Odessa” had some rather useful help from above… [11] 
Part Three: The Vatican Connection
The Austrian bishop, Dr. Alois Hudal, Rector of the “Collegio Teutonico Seminary of Santa Maria dell’Anima”, the national church of German-speaking people in Rome, was a major player in the Odessa Network and Operation Paperclip.
The concentration camp commandant Franz Stangl told Gitta Sereny in an interview: ‘I escaped from the interrogation prison in Linz on 30 May 1948. Then I heard that Bishop Hudal at the Vatican in Rome was helping SS officers, so I drove to Rome.’ Stangl had been in command of the Sobibor and Treblinka extermination camps, where 900,000 human beings had been put to death. When the Third Reich fell apart, he went to ground in an Austrian village; though disguised as a civilian, he was picked up by the Americans as a member of the SS. At that time, no-one had yet heard about the mass murders in Treblinka, and apparently the Americans did not know who they were looking at. It is not known how Stangl managed to escape and get over the border into Italy… [12]
In Rome Dr. Alois Hudal would do everything in his power to shield the Nazis who came his way within the church, and many top Nazis took to the cloth as a disguise. Through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Bishop Hudal would get them travel documents under false names, with which they could leave Rome for South America or the Middle East as they wished. Many top Nazis wound up in Brazil and infiltrated themselves within the Germanic community there.
He also aided and abetted the OSS / CIC / CIA with getting many top Nazi scientists out of Europe and into the USA, including a certain Dr. Josef Mengele. Other Nazis that Bishop Alois Hudal helped to escape justice include:
Baron von Wächter: Vice-Governor of Poland, Generalleutenant and Sturmbannführer in the SS, died in Bishop Hudal’s arms at the Santo Spirito hospital in Rome of blood poisoning. [13] This leads me to believe that certain Israeli intelligence personnel in the newly formed Mossad (or its precursor) knew he was there and decided to deal with him through MAD (Medically Assisted Death).
Adolf Eichmann: Passed onto him by German Authorities via Willy Brandt. Escaped to South America but was later captured by Mossad, taken to Israel, and finally tried and executed for his crimes.
Klaus Barbie, Alois Brunner, and many more that we shall probably never know about.
Aiding and abetting Bishop Alois Hudal were Reinhard Kops (West German Intelligence) [14] and Franz Ruffinengo [15] of the Argentine Immigration Commission in Europe (DAIE). With Monsignor Krunoslav Stjepan Draganovic [16] working in Croatia to get former Nazis out of danger as well, there was a whole Monastery Network of people within the Roman Catholic Church working with the CIC (CIA) on Operation Paperclip. 
Part Four: The Red Cross Connection
To say that the International Committee of the Red Cross acted out of total ignorance of who they were helping to escape Europe would be, to my mind, totally disengenuous to say the very least. Many officials working for the Red Cross in the documents office were also CIC operatives, and it was the Red Cross’ own policy not to ask any awkward questions of those seeking their aid. Any Red Cross officials who were particularly wary of who they were giving travel documents to were soon assuaged by the prescence of Dr. Alois Hudal or Krunoslav Stjepan Draganovic acompanying the fugitive as they got their documents under a false name.
The ICRC was also overwhelmed by the shear weight of people wishing to leave post war Europe for other countries, so the ordinary secretaries did not have too much chance to double check exactly who they are giving travel documents to. Nevertheless, certain key personnel knew full well that some of the people passing through their hands were wanted war criminals. It was the Red Cross travel documents that enabled many Nazis to escape Europe through the Italian sea ports to Syria or South America. 
Part Five: Operation Paperclip
With the information presented above (Odessa, The Vatican Connection & The Red Cross Connection), I am sure that you have already come to understand how the CIA got key Nazi personnel out of post war Europe. So in this section I would like to concentrate on who they got out of Europe and why.
Let us deal with the least of the Nazis – the rocket scientists. For the most part these people were not dyed in the wool Nazis, although some of them were. The reason that the CIA were so keen to get them out of Europe was not out of any form of charity, but because of their scientific knowledge. The Iron Curtain was falling all across Europe in the post-war period, and it was only a matter of time before the Russians worked out how to make an atomic (and later a nuclear) device. Once the genie had been let out of the bottle with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there was no way to put it back into the bottle. The only real way to keep ahead of the Russians was in delivery systems, and this is where the rocket scientists became most useful to the American Industrial Military Complex.
German rocket science was far superior to anything anyone else had at the time. They had gone through all the beta and alpha testing of several rocket drives and had also developed early jet engines. They have had their own disasters, explosions, failures, and on one or two occasions, massive deaths at test sites when early V2 rockets blew up on the launching pad. It was only logical for the CIA to whisk out as many German rocket scientists as they possibly could before the Russians got them and put them to work.
Some also believe that the German scientists were working on early anti-gravity drives based upon the work of Nicolas Tesla, but there is only the scantiest of circumstancial evidence for this right now. All I will say is that they were working on various X-Planes (secret military prototypes), and some of the plans were for rocket-propelled “flying saucers”. Also, you have to remember that the Lockheed Blackbird was prototyped in 1952 and in service from 1953, and yet it was only unveiled to the world at large in 1980. We have no idea what kind of technology the Industrial Military Complex have at their desposal, hidden away in sites like Area 51 in Arizona.
Various other scientists were also whisked away to the United States by the CIC, including some Nazi death camp doctors.
Now for the real monsters.
I spent two years searching for the monster Mengele in South America. I know what lies behind that name… – Zvi Aharoni, of Mossad, who spent years hunting the SS Doctor, Josef Mengele.
Contrary to popular myth, Josef Mengele did not immediately escape to South America in 1950. He was captured shortly after World War Two ended by the Americans, and they knew full well who they had. Instead of putting him on trial for his crimes at the Nuremberg Tribunal, he was tried in his “absence” – although he was at the trial in disguise in the public gallery with a couple of CIC handlers. Some sources even go as far as to say he had plastic surgery before hand, although this cannot be verified. Before the Nuremberg Tribunal he was in the protective custody of Dr Alois Hudal.
From 1946 to 1950 he was debriefed by the CIC and then the CIA. They wanted to know exactly what he did and what he discovered, as well as put him through psychological deconstruction and reconstruction as per the Tavistock Institute methods. In 1950 he joined the CIA’s MK-ULTRA project, and in 1954 he teamed up with Dr. Gordon Ewen Cameron on MK-ULTRA Sub-Project 39. In 1960 he “retired” and moved to South America.
A lot of his rather unholy research on Jewish and Polish subjects did lead to some rather interesting results, especially in the field of eugenics and selective breeding. Of course, they can no longer call the science eugenics so they renamed it genetics, but that is another subject entirely, and not one I am willing to get into a whole lot of detail here. Dr Mengele’s notes and journals did directly lead American scientists to discover the DNA Helix in the 1950s.
The Americans used Bishop Hudal’s network in Rome to hold Mengele before they collected him and brought him over to the United States to work with Dr. Gordon Ewan Cameron on MK-ULTRA Sub-Project 39. He then managed to leave the employ of the CIA in 1960, and retired to Brazil.
His work on twins and how they appear regularly within family lines led to his work to breed a town of twins in the tiny Brazilian town of Candido Godoi. [17] He died in 1979 by drowning in his swimming pool. This is recorded as an accidental death, although I suspect that Zvi Aharoni of Mossad helped a great deal in his death…
The CIA also knew where Adolf Eichmann was hiding from 1950 to 1959, and in all probability had helped him to escape to South America through both the Vatican and the Red Cross connections. A Memo from West German intelligence to the CIA openly accused them of knowing where he was. [18] This frustrated the hell out of Simon Wiesenthal, who was busily hunting down Adolf Eichmann at this time.
I recalled with deepest gratitude the help I received from Catholic Priests when escaping from Europe, and decided to pay tribute to the Catholic faith by becoming an honorary member of it. – Adolf Eichmann, 1959. [19]
Mossad finally got their hands on him through the work of the Great Nazi Hunter, Simon Wiesenthal, and he was tried and executed in Israel for his crimes in 1960.
General Reinhard Gehlen was recruited after the war by the CIA but left in West Germany to help form the West German Intelligence Service (BND) – the early BND was literally his old spy network that he used in the Nazi SD. Gehlen later became a Soviet double agent, and was probably responsible for helping the DDR (East Germany) form their intelligence services, the DVD and the Stasi. [20]
The notion that they [CIA, Army Counterintelligence Corp, Gehlen organization] employed only a few bad apples will not stand up to the new documentation. Some American intelligence officials could not or did not want to see how many German intelligence officials, SS officers, police, or non-German collaborators with the Nazis were compromised or incriminated by their past service… Hindsight allows us to see that American use of actual or alleged war criminals was a blunder in several respects…there was no compelling reason to begin the postwar era with the assistance of some of those associated with the worst crimes of the war. Lack of sufficient attention to history-and, on a personal level, to character and morality-established a bad precedent, especially for new intelligence agencies. It also brought into intelligence organizations men and women previously incapable of distinguishing between their political/ideological beliefs and reality. As a result, such individuals could not and did not deliver good intelligence. Finally, because their new, professed ‘democratic convictions’ were at best insecure and their pasts could be used against them (some could be blackmailed), these recruits represented a potential security problem.
The Gehlen organization profiled in the newly posted CIA history represents one of the most telling examples of these pitfalls. Timothy Naftali, a University of Virginia professor and consulting historian to the IWG who focused heavily on the declassified CIA material, highlighted the problems posed by our relationship with Gehlen: “Reinhard Gehlen was able to use U.S. funds to create a large intelligence bureaucracy that not only undermined the Western critique of the Soviet Union by protecting and promoting war criminals but also was arguably the least effective and secure in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. As many in U.S. intelligence in the late 1940s had feared would happen, the Gehlen Organization proved to be the back door by which the Soviets penetrated the Western alliance.
General Reinhard Gehlen managed to get at least 23 of his former SD and Gestapo colleagues into the BND, although the above source suspects that up to another one hundred could have also been filtered into the new West German Intelligence Service.
The CIA also helped Otto Von Bolschwing to escape justice in 1954. He was an assistant to Adolf Eichmann, and one of the architects of the transportation of the Jews to the death camps. [21]
Of course the CIA knew about both Operation James Bond and Operation Winne the Pooh, [22] as well as knowing about MI6 training up the IRA in Spain from around 1950. As a conservative number, the CIA / CIC helped at least 1,000 key Nazis to escape Europe and justice, even if some of them, like Adolf Eichmann, were later captured elsewhere and brough to justice. 
Part Six: Other Collaborators
Willy Brandt
Willy Brandt [23] became Chancellor of Germany immediately after the war with the Social Democrat Party. The Daily Telegraph reveals the names of some of the people he helped to get out of Europe, although there are probably many more names that could be added to this infamous list.
Ernst Achenbach, Nazi diplomat to Paris who was responsible for sending many French Jews to their deaths at Auschwitz.
Klaus Barbie, the infamous ‘Butcher of Lyon’ who Willy Brandt passed along to Bishop Alois Hudal.
Adolf Eichmann, who Willy Brandt also passed to Bishop Alois Hudal. He was later found in Argentina in the early 1960s and extracted by the Mossad agent, Zvi Aharoni, to Israel to face trial and execution.
Franz Nüsslein, who had been responsible for the execution of hundreds of Nazi opponents in German-occupied Prague during the Second World War.
Other post war officials either guilty of being Nazis themselves or who helped key Nazis to escape justice include:
Ernst von Weizsäcker: The father of former German president Richard von Weizsäcker served as ambassador to Switzerland in the mid-1930s and campaigned to have German-Jewish novelist Thomas Mann stripped of his German citizenship for his criticism of Nazi Germany. Ernst von Weizsäcker was found guilty of helping to deport hundreds of Jews from Paris to the Nazi death camps at the Nuremberg Trials in 1949. He was sentenced to five years in jail, but was released a year later under an amnesty. He died in 1951.
Franz Rademacher: Nazi Germany’s foreign ministry diplomat responsible for Jewish affairs took part in the Wannsee Conference of 1942 which finalised plans for the Holocaust. He admitted on an expenses slip submitted to the foreign ministry in 1941 that a visit to Serbia had been to supervise the “liquidation of Jews in Belgrade”. He was involved in the deportation of thousands of Jews to Auschwitz. He was sentenced to prison terms for his role in the Holocaust but spent only three months in jail. He fled to Syria in the 1950s where he was accused of spying. He returned to Germany in 1966, and died in Bonn in 1973.
The Swedish Royal Family
There has, for a long time, been a shadow over Queen Silvia’s family history, pertaining to that of her father, Walther Sommerlath, [24] a Nazi Party member and the beneficiary of a formerly Jewish factory in Berlin. Naturally, the factory was removed from Jewish ownership through the Aryanisation of Businesses in the earlier days of the Third Reich. What happened to the original owners is unclear – I do not know if any survived the Holocaust or not. This factory later went on to produce arms for the Third Reich.
Since the end of the war there has been a concerted cover up of Walther Sommerlath’s Nazi background, although many things are now beginning to come to light through documents discovered by Kalla facta in Berlin and South America.
The Dutch Royal Family
The Crown Prince of Holland, Prince Bernhard, was both a Nazi Party member and an SS Officer. After the war he formed the Bilderberg Group in order to execute the plans for the European Union that he formulated with Dr. Walter Funk and others between 1940 and 1942. These plans are known as the Europaische WirtschatfsGemeinschaft pamphlets, and the Six European Union Treaties match up precisely with the plans laid out in these nine documents.
The British Royal Family
Prince Edward Windsor, formerly King Edward the 7th of England, and Wallis Simpson, American divorcee, former sapphic prostitute in Beijing, and suspected Sado-Masochist, [25] were both Nazis. Prince Edward attended the Europaische WirtschatfsGemeinschaft meetings with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Dr. Walter Funk, both in Berlin, Germany, and later in Madrid, Spain. Prince Edward’s Nazi Party membership is a very closely guarded secret within the British Royal Establishment.
One thing to note with regards to Queen Elizabeth the Second is that she is a founder member of the Bilderberg Group, but unlike Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (daughter of Crown Prince Bernhard) or Queen Sophia of Spain, she never ever attends any meetings in order to keep this membership a secret.
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Note: Not all my sources are cited for intelligence reasons.

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