New Year, Same Goal: Defeat the Globalists

Alex Thomas and Shepard Ambellas
The Intel Hub 

As we ring in the new year it is important to understand the need to double our efforts in exposing and pushing back the globalists and their open plans for world government.

In 2010 we witnessed the police state increase tenfold. American citizens are now subject to intrusive pat downs and radiating body scanners in airports nationwide. The Department of Homeland Security is openly announcing that these security measures are soon to be in a mall and hotel near you.

In the Gulf we witnessed the chemical rape of hundreds of thousands of people due to BP’s extensive use of the now infamous dispersant, Corexit. Here at The Intel Hub we covered the disaster extensively and with the help of other alternative news outlets such as, WhatReallyHappened, and, we put together enough evidence to conclusively prove the devastation that the gulf has suffered.

Along the way we were fortunate enough to meet Project Gulf Impact, an activist group that has worked tirelessly to bring the world real, uncensored news directly from the people of the gulf. We would like to thank them for their absolute dedication to the people and environment of the gulf.
Rather than continue to list the most important news of 2010(Wikileaks, Haiti earthquake, Toronto G20 etc) I feel it is more important to emphasize the importance of exposing the global elite more than ever before.

We need to increase our efforts across the board. We encourage everyone reading this article to to start their own blog, radio show or YouTube Channel dedicated to exposing the open plans for depopulation and world government.

If you cannot run your own site or show you can contribute by writing articles, engaging in local activism, and spreading the word about any of the great alternative news outlets.

As we push forward I would also like to note the need to expose all aspects of the global conspiracy.  From the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission to the Knights of Malta, Zionism and The Council For National Policy, this conspiracy fact has their tentacles throughout EVERY powerful organization in the world.

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