Is it Really “Fair Play” Between Us and the Elite?

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Recently a “fixer” for the elite appeared anonymously as “Charles” in a compelling interview by Bill Ryan of Project Avalon.  First, for those who study the real power structure on planet Earth, there’s not much in the way of ground-breaking details. However, Charles’ stern matter-of-fact answers add confirmation to many suspicions.

Charles confirms the elite’s plans and motive for culling the population; a move to global currency with removal of financial borders; the very serious manner by which mega-food companies control all food; the incredible technology possessed by the ruling elite (including modular triangular UFOs); the fact that we should regard space more as an ocean with living creatures; and the idea of money and time as illusions.

He claims the reason he came forward was to give the public “fair” warning of things to come and let things play out as they may.  According to Charles, the elite believe they are the responsible protectors of Corporation Earth and the human genome, which has become so bloated and broken that they need to “trim the fat off the surplus.”  The surplus of humans was created by the “machine itself,” he says, and now they need to bring in a “liquidator” of sorts to downsize.

In the interview, he reveals that he believes, as his elite bosses believe, that the planet is broken and needs to be fixed.  He likened it to being a father in a rushing river with his two sons, but he can save only one of them from drowning — the stronger swimmer who can meet him halfway.  This is also a metaphor for the elite’s Darwinian approach to strengthening the human species.

He said that three plans are definitely on the table and already underway: 1) discredit and destroy the alternative media;  2) create massive famine by pulling the plug on food production and distribution; 3) execute a false flag UFO event to frighten the public into submitting to their leadership.  In turn, he firmly stated that nuclear war is off the table, because it is not selective, ruins the environment, and is costly to rebuild afterward.

As evil as their methods appear to be, according to Charles there is a code of practice among the elite controllers to put the agenda out in the open —  however cryptic and hidden it may be.  Their thinking is that this is a “fair” way to inform the earthlings who are smart enough to filter through the noise and find the truth. He claims that the average human simply “can’t handle the truth.”

Perhaps he’s right that the masses can’t yet handle the truth.  Clearly, their plans and tactics for “culling the herd” can only be viewed as “evil” by the compassionate commoners who are just awakening.  It is this anger, — first about being lied to; and secondly by not having enough knowledge to remotely justify such drastic actions on the population — which causes the newly awakened to instinctively want to fight the controllers.

However, it seems this venom and hatred toward the controllers is actually desired by them to feed the negativity and divisiveness.  In other words, problems can’t be solved by fighting them because it makes it easier for them to divide and conquer. Charles said the elite laugh at the alternative media infighting and misdirection, but when they get things right they will be targeted.

If it is true that the elite must engage in “fair play,” it seems disingenuous to claim that fair warning is the same as fair play, especially when all hidden knowledge is buried by their controlled distractions and disinformation campaigns.  Furthermore, hoarding all of the resources and technology, eons more advanced from the matrix of current civilization, is hardly allowing for the natural progression of humanity to exist in balance with the planet.

Given their absolute control of all the hidden knowledge, the material wealth, the war machine, the media, and super advanced technologies, it would appear that they are indestructible, or at least have an incredibly unfair advantage. However, Charles admits that humanity’s resistance to mandatory vaccines during the engineered swine flu scare surprised them and forced them to retreat, displaying that overwhelming numbers still matter.

Incidentally, their rabid lust for power and control seems driven, at least in part, by fear and paranoia of losing everything.  Surely they’re aware that all it would take is a rapid shift in consciousness by the rabble to end their reign.  It is unlikely the masses will be very forgiving given the scale of the lies.  This, fellow humans, may be our biggest bargaining chip with the elite.

It is understandable that there are those who say we must destroy the evil elite to regain liberty. Yet, if we’re being intellectually honest with ourselves, civilization has become delicately dependent on the elite’s consolidated systems for food, energy, and water within the current matrix.  Therefore, if the Human World Order topples the system in dramatic fashion, the human suffering will likely be far more severe and rapid than the elite’s controlled implosion.  This, by no means condones their deceptive and cruel tactics, just points out the obvious dilemma.

If the elite believe they have clear indications and statistics that planet earth and humanity as a whole is in crisis and needs adaptation, then the people should be entitled to the same wealth of information as the elite possess, so that such a profound decision can be made both by pragmatists, as well as idealists.  After all, it is the unique ability of the human race to solve problems using both sides of our brain, which encompasses the entire spectrum from cold-hearted calculation to the soaring idealism of pure liberty and human compassion.  Any decisions that are to be made about the future of our species may be best served through inclusion and cooperation, not solely by the elite.

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