Freedoms Lost – Underground Survival – Catastrophe & Upheaval

A Pale Horse Brings Death

Dr. Mark Sircus

This is a real picture at the huge Denver Airport and some of the things I will get into in today’s post are outrageous and unbelievable. I usually stay away from the esoteric and from all the conspiracy theories and even from chemtrails because I have never seen one down here in Brazil, but that does not mean they do not exist. This horse certainly does exist and so do some very strange things at this new airport.

2011 has gotten off to an ominous start with birds dropping from the skies and massive amounts of fish turning up dead in both North and South America and no one has a certain explanation. We also have bumblebee die-off in advanced stages as well as bat communities being decimated. Now for the third year in a row we have crab die-offs on Britain’s shores, Germans ordering hundreds of pigs slaughtered after tests showed a cancer-causing chemical dioxin at very dangerous levels, and people dying from the cold and the floods and we know the BBC is reporting that Bangladeshi police have used tear gas and water cannons against angry investors after the stock market incurred huge losses. Trading on the Dhaka Stock Exchange index was halted after it fell by 660 points, or 9.25%, in less than an hour.

Meanwhile back in the United States the economy is so bad people are getting pre-declined credit cards in the mail and if the bank returns your check marked “Insufficient Funds,” people are finding it necessary to call and ask if they mean you or them. The insanity of what humanity has been doing is catching up with us fast. Well what should we expect when over half of the world’s population subsists on less than $2 a day, while the 200 richest individuals own more wealth than 41 percent of the world’s population?

Sounds about fair don’t you think? One can only wonder what kind of mental attitude this inequality breeds in these richest individuals and their families. Certainly they must be modern-era scrooges who are not overly fond of the masses. In the United States it seems clear which direction the elite will go. They have built their underground shelters and cities.

Does any human being really need that much money? Will we ever have anything closely resembling fairness or justice on this planet of ours? “It is a reflection of how one-sided today’s class war has become that Warren Buffet has quipped that ‘his’ side is winning without a real fight being waged,” writes Prof. Michael Hudson.

There are many outrageous people and things happening on our planet—evil does lurk—but most of us have our heads in the ground and really do not want to look or see the forest from the trees.

Before we go too much further into the treacherous territory of life’s current and upcoming events let’s talk about intuition, feeling and intelligence. First let’s mention that the well respected Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has deciding to accept a research report that claims to show the existence of extrasensory perception.

Extrasensory perception is a fancy word for intuition and it is helpful to remember that Einstein said, “I think with intuition,” and I wrote a chapter about this in my Heart Health book. It is time for us literally to put out our intuitive antenna and take a feeling or extrasensory assessment of what is going on and what we personally need to face in the coming months. Even lowly insects have this capacity as do all of the animal kingdom who feel disasters approaching.

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