Cold Fusion energy heating up, prepping for market

Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi, claims to have an industrial product ready to manufacture that produces large amounts of energy reliably, safely, and much cheaper than coal or natural gas power.  It utilizes the fusion of hydrogen and the common element nickel at relatively low temperatures.

Andrea Rossi with 10 kW cold fusion device

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Last Friday, January 14, we reported about a press conference held in Bologna, Italy in which Professor Sergio Focardi and Eng. Andrea A. Rossi, both of the University of Bologna, announced to the world that they have a cold fusion device capable of producing more than 10 kilowatts of heat power, while only consuming a fraction of that.  This is the first public demonstration of a nickel-hydrogen fusion reactor capable of producing a few kilowatts of thermal energy.  At its peak, it is capable of generating 15,000 watts with just 400 watts input required.  On Saturday, a forum was opened allowing for questions online from around the world.

This recent public demonstration alone is is a huge development, but what’s more, they also claim to be going into production, expecting to have these available for purchase commercially within a year.  This would become the world’s first commercially-ready “cold fusion” device.  The first units are supposed to ship in three months, with mass production commencing by the end of 2011.

Licensees are mentioned, with contracts in the USA and in Europe. Mass production should escalate in 2-3 years.  Presently Rossi says they are manufacturing a 1 megawatt plant composed of 125 modules.

In his forum, Rossi wrote:

We have passed already the phase to convince somebody. We are arrived to a product that is ready for the market. Our judge is the market.  In this field the phase of the competition in the field of theories, hypothesis, conjectures etc etc is over. The competition is in the market. If somebody has a valid technology, he has not to convince people by chattering, he has to make a reactor that work and go to sell it, as we are doing.

Inquiries about purchasing are to be directed to [email protected]

Rossi estimates that the cost of energy made with this system will be below 1 cent/kWh, in case of electric power made by means of a Carnot cycle, and below 1 cent/4,000 M J in case of thermal power production for heating purposes.  That is several times cheaper than energy from fossil fuel sources such as coal or natural gas.

According to Rossi, the demonstrated device shown last Friday is their industrial product that is claimed to be reliable and safe. In normal operation it would produce 8 units of output for every unit of input. Higher levels of output are possible, but can be dangerous. They will soon start serial production of their modules. Combining the modules in series and parallel arrays it is possible to reach every limit of power. The modules are designed to be connected in series and parallels.

In describing the batch processing operation of the device, he said: “To start up the reactor you have just to turn on a switch. The reactor works with enormous margins of safety, so there is no need of a particular skill. Just follow the instructions. The refueling is every 6 months and will be made by our dealers.”

Rossi also says that they have had one reactor that has run continually for two years, providing heat for a factory.  Also, the reactors can self sustain by turning off the input, but they prefer to have an input.  The device will be scheduled for maintenance every six months.  You control it “just as you turn on and off your television set.”

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