How to Save Taxpayer Money: Bring in The Dogs, Not Naked Body Scanners (VIDEO)

video by iching64

This video exposes the blood-boiling waste and corruption that the new airport body-scanning machines represent. So far, at least $160 million in US Taxpayer money has been spent, with potentially billions more to be paid on these systems in the next few years.

Trained bomb sniffing dogs, in combination with the metal detectors *already being used* in airports would produce FAR more accurate readings of REAL threats to airline passengers, without the Gestapo-like humiliation, the illegal invasion of privacy and the toxic exposure to radiation from these devices.

The Iraqi government spent millions of dollars on bomb-detecting machines, which they found to be USELESS — then *returned to using bomb-sniffing dogs*. The FBI relies almost exclusively on bomb-sniffing dogs because they don’t trust anything else.

Why shouldn’t paying airline customers have the best security there is – rather than being subjected to the dubious results of these radiation devices made by defense contractors that have scammed the government out of the Taxpayers’ hard-earned

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