Disabled Protester Schools BBC Anchor Who Defends Abusive Police (VIDEO)

>Editor’s Note:  This MUST SEE clip is a microcosm of the whole struggle between the matrix of control and the fight for human liberty.  This chap at the BBC is so blatantly defending the establishment’s abusive police state against a physically helpless chap — albeit one with very dangerous ideas of a people’s revolution over corrupt criminal governments, of which the BBC anchor is so obviously a shill.

Darryl Mason
Your New Reality

You don’t need to know too much background to get the full horror of what this BBCNews host is doing to a young man with cerebral palsy, who is unable to operate his wheelchair independently, simply because he dared to turn up at a recent student protest in London :

The blood-chillingly unemphatic journalist actually asks a severely disabled man if he was hurling chunks of concrete at police, and asks him again even after Jody says he can’t operate his wheelchair without the help of his brother.

Note the way interference or the host manage to cut off Jody every time he starts making valid, vital points about the police brutality inflicted on him and hundreds of other students in the streets of London, some students beaten by police, and charged with horses, were as young as 12 years old.

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