DHS Whistleblower: They’re Training Local Police to Suspend Rights

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What happens during a national emergency?  People know that the President of the United States would be the one to declare the emergency, but under what criteria?  What about our Constitutional Rights during the emergency?

Film maker William Lewis had the chance to sit down with former police officer turned whistle-blower Travis Maddox for an interview contained the newly released film Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2.  During the interview, Maddox shares what became his concerns about the extensive training given to the local police department by the Department of Homeland Security in case of a nuclear, chemical, or biological attack.

Maddox, also a former Missouri Constitution Party candidate for office, says the group in which he participated was “trained” to force people from their homes, disarm them, load them onto buses for transport to secured quarantine areas, “and if that weren’t enough, from there it gets pretty scary,” says Lewis of the interview.

“DHS, parent organization for the Transportation Security Administration, could give the TSA a run for their money,” relays Lewis about the information given the viewer from Maddox’s first hand experience during training.  The procedures for decontamination require removal of clothing, by force, if necessary.  Maddox also stated during the interview that when the order is given, no one will have a choice, basically saying that you lose your rights to your private property, your guns, even your own body.

“I think your body is probably the most private property that you own,” Investigative Journalist and radio talk show host Kaye Beach said in reference to the possibility of forced treatment in this fourth film by the Lewis/Franchi team.

Along with the police state-type tactics described by Maddox, Enemy of the State guests Ernest Hancock and Beach discuss the paperwork in place in Arizona and Oklahoma that could bring about forced treatment in the case of a biological attack.  Massachusetts already passed laws to force treatment during the Swine Flu scare in 2009.  Beach actually discusses that there may be something similar in nearly every state, as most have adopted either all or part of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act.

CBS released a 3-month study in late October 2009 showing that state-by-state, the odds of people  actually testing positive for the Swine Flu were very slim.  Franchi says,  “That means that the National State of Emergency called by President Obama was, in fact, based on false data.”

Lewis and Franchi have produced four films altogether exposing FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and egregious legislation in an attempt to help those in the United States see the horrors awaiting We-the-People from our out-of-control government.  For more information please visit http://CampFEMA.com   

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