The Chemtrail Conditioning Program

Ceiling at Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

Zen Gardner 
I’m Just Wondering

“Those are normal, Mom. I even saw them on the ceiling of the Las Vegas Paris hotel!”

How clever. Just like how we’re seeing chemtrails more and more in advertisements, TV shows, movies….and now artwork. Like every other social engineering project, introduce it without any fanfare and work it into the fabric of the collective consciousness. That, or popularize it as a new trend.

Here’s another shot:

Those Are Chemtrails
all chemtrails in various stages

These irregular cloud formations are only from chemtrails. The very top picture you can see a large chemtrail with the characteristic parallel wisps coming off of it, and the clear lines in the other ‘clouds’. Just bove is again the aerosol spraying being strung out by drifting currents. Always look for the stringy texture and diverse angles, which make no sense in a normal sky. The photo this artist worked from (was given?) was from an aerosol spray day.

It’s a delight to look at natural floating cloud formations, either as almost still, majestic citadels, or rolling and tumbling healthy clouds in natural, rounded shapes. Or sometimes there are the wispy come and go clouds near a moist setting like we get near the coast, or even as high cirrus clouds under certain conditions.

But you’ll never see never these strange angular, chaotic forms unless they’ve been sprayed. Watch the skies long enough and you’ll see.

They are extremely un-natural–but now, like many other un-natural social trends, it’s slowly becoming accepted and therefore thought of as “natural.”  Pavlovian conditioning at work.

Chemtrail lines and “smears” versus darker, more rounded natural clouds with even consistency in the foreground

“Normal” Is a Product of Social Engineering
 Repetition can make anything appear ‘normal’ to the unwary. Just like the heavily reinforced hyper-sexuality, or the fascination with death and violence in TV, movies and games. Lately the big push is the acceptance of the false terrorism scare, aggravated and amplified by a self-reinforcing loop: staged incident > more restrictions > more police state infrastructure > more surveillance…which then all lead to more “infractions” and “incidents” and hence MORE surveillance, MORE restrictions  and MORE paramilitary policing, leading to MORE “infractions”… etc. etc.

And round and round it goes so everything appears fully justified.

Watch your TV shows, movies and advertisements for them. Like the above, they’re fully laced with chemtrails. And they appear to be stepping it up.

Chemtrails “sanitized by science” with deliberate chemtrail background during NASA rocket launch

 Mindblowing O2 TV commercial spot–chemtrails and the Illuminati

If they have their way, the next generation won’t remember what normal skies looked like.
Or families, and host of other aspects of our planet and human society, however many survive their current onslaught.

Post-Apocalyptic Predictive Programming For The Whole Family

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