Betrayed again: S.510 fake food safety loaded into government funding resolution

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Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer
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We knew something else was afoot.  The vote on S.510 too easy and too pat.  The bill, which was sent to the House desk prior to the vote in the Senate, contained section 107, the re-insertion of taxation in the fake food safety bill by the Senate.  The House waited til after the vote, then announced this staged faux paux and declared that the bill was “blue-slipped” due to violations of Constitutional provisions stating that all taxes must originate in the House.  Does anyone out there really believe for one minute this was a mistake on the part of Harry Reid?

What was an amended streamlined form of HR 2749,  S.510 was quickly identified as one of the greatest weaponless assaults on the security of our country.

The insertion of what is now called the Food Modernization Act, is not S.510 with the Tester Amendment.  It is HR 2749 a bill which was voted on by the House and which constitutes an open act of treason emanating from the government against its own people. Even this version of food police authority has been fine tuned and streamlined to be more lethal than it was in its original form.

All of the voting, quasi debate and other hoopla that has transpired was simply performed to buy time to rewrite a more lethal form of the legislation.  This is not about food safety on any level.

While the funding bill that the fake food safety bill is now attached to calls for departmental budget cuts among other things and other cost saving measures makes the insertion of a costly and constitutionally prohibited act even less palatable.  Why in a funding bill that is focused on cutting government spending would you include a bill that is widely backed only by congressional sponsors who have profited handsomely for supporting it?  Why would you add costs of over 1.9 billion to a funding bill supposedly focused on reducing the costs of government?

Most of us realized that whatever was at stake in S.510 fake food safety, would never die a timely death.  Knowing the corruption of both houses of congress is so rampant and ingrained, we knew some underhanded ploy would be used to ram this piece of crap, this assault on America, through the House and then on to the Senate by whatever means necessary.  There is too much at stake; too much money changing hands; too much power coveted.

The wholesale theft of agriculture, now spurred by the trade agreement with South Korea, is already being put in place.  So sure was Reid and Pelosi that they could strong arm this corporate sponsored coup’ into law that FDA/USDA/HHS/HSD are already changing the rules (laws) as congressional authority was delegated to them via the bills.  This is the purpose of privately owned corporate federal agencies; the implementation of unconstitutional rules and regulations, bypassing the constitution and any protections provided therein.  This is the only reason these corporate federal agencies exist.  Congress delegates authority to them, then, claims it is not responsible for what they do.

No one could have read S.510 fake food safety and concluded this bill was remotely concerned with food safety and the protection of the American public. S.510 is a forced trade bill, with special provisions in it to protect big agricultural producers from being held liable either financially or criminally and making exportation of food products out of the country not only easier but far more profitable.  This will be accomplished by striking down all tariffs which would have protected wages and the standard of living here and subsidizing the low export pricing with taxpayer subsidies to off set the loss.  The bill intentionally sets up a system that makes export more profitable than selling here at home.

S.510 is the implementation of Codex Alimentarius; a global system of food control and quality meant to eradicate collective and generational knowledge of how to produce, harvest and preserve food; knowledge that those operating the global economy would rather you did not have.  Codex goes one step further: it criminalizes the generational practices and knowledge that has sustained us.

S.510 does not contain any provisions to re-establish our strategic grain reserves or a commodities surplus as a form of national security against the coming and pre-planned global food shortage.
S.510 does not even mention the continuing threat from gmo grains and related food products much less suggest that gmo be strictly regulated.

S.510 does not mention rBHG the growth hormone left in milk causing the onset of early puberty especially in girls.

S.510 does not address the escalating use of hormones, vaccines, and antibiotics used as a result of industrialized CAFO farms that are rampant with disease from the unnatural and fetid conditions animals and poultry are forced to endure as they are crammed into inhumanely small spaces.

Still think the bill is about food safety?

S.510 does not address even one of the causes of food borne illness and, in fact, conspicuously skirts around these causes and instead is focused on ending anything other than industrialized corporate ag.

The HACCP provisions listed in the bill were simply the reiteration of already existing programs that allow industrialized agricultural operations to operate at the lowest possible standard, and to “self-inspect” and declare themselves to be “OK”.  These special provisions are now extended to foreign importers. Many of these would be the same importers, such as China, who have a history of sending contaminated food products into the US uninspected by USDA.  Nothing in S.510 will halt, impede or otherwise limit these contaminated products from entering the country and no punishments, fines, fees, penalties or prohibition of imports from an offending country was included.

Still think this bill is about food safety?

Instead of focusing on this issue of import/export special privileges, or the threat the public faces from the ongoing contamination of food products emanating from industrialized producers, contaminated and uninspected imports, the national conversation is being steered to big corporate farm vs little family farm.   This is a staged intervention fostered by government shills who use their notoriety to perform this valuable service for “government”.

The intent is to derail the conversation from one of actual food safety, to one of “that’s not fair!”
The argument is being put forward that it is not fair to exempt small farmers and ranchers from the corporate machine that would wipe them out.  I find it strange to hear the word “fair” applied to this obviously staged conversation.  What is fair about creating a system that unfairly targets the very sector of agriculture that was not the cause of recent food scares, all of which were carefully staged to frighten the public in to complying and to convince them that some unidentified threat existed emanating from family farms and ranches?  What is fair about attempting to force burdensome regulations, licensing fees, possible prison terms, record keeping constructed for no other reason than to be used as evidence should they decide to target these people?  What is fair about a system devised for no other reason than to force these family and independent producers out of business to secure the agricultural markets for multi-national corporations?

How about now?  Do you still think its about food safety?

The US does not need S.510.  No lives will be saved as a result of it being passed and there will be no reduction in food borne illnesses in the future with it in place. This bill is the theft and seizure of agricultural production in any form except corporate industrialized operations. As contaminated as our food supply is now with FDA approved chemicals labeled as “other spices” used to make a food like product taste like real food sort of, irradiation of food, drenching meat products in chlorine, gmo contaminated foods not being labeled appropriately and grain products containing high levels of pesticides and herbicides, all of which has been blessed by FDA, all of which is making us sicker by the day……do you really believe this bill is about food safety?

If this bill is passed in any form agriculture as we have known it will become a thing of the past as well established food productions methods are criminalized in  favor of harmful practices presented as “Best mangement, Best farming, Best animal and other “best” practices.  All of it conducted under Codex regulations for global control of food and supplies.

Still think this bill was ever about food safety?
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Marti Oakley is a political activist and former op-ed columnist for the St Cloud Times in Minnesota. She was a member of the Times Writer’s Group until she resigned in September of 07. She is neither Democrat nor Republican, since neither party is representative of the American people. She says what she thinks, means what she says, and is known for being outspoken. She is hopeful that the American public will wake up to what is happening to our beloved country . . . little of it is left.  Her website is The PPJ Gazette  
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