5 Signs the End is Near for the Criminal Banks

When will we get justice from the banksters?  HINT: As soon as we demand justice and not a moment sooner.

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Could it be any more clear?  The international banks are proven criminal entities — everyone knows it, and everyone is beginning to openly say it. Yet they are still apparently considered “Too-Big-to-Jail” by our public legislators.

Politicians from around the world continue to bow to the will of the banksters, whether they be in the private sector, privately-owned central banks, or global private banks, while the people continue to be brazenly looted to fund their criminal enterprise.

Our leaders are being forced by the international banks to give them public pensions and demand higher taxes without the consent of the voting public. So much for sovereign countries making their own laws.  This, after these very bankers brought the nations of the world to their knees in the first place.  The emperor is nearly naked for all to see; however, the final curtain to be pulled will thrust the angry populace well over the tipping point when they realize their servitude was purchased with fraudulent money.

It’s all an illusion to enslave us. This insanity is about to end. We have the power to change our reality, but only if we have the collective awareness, courage and will to take it.  The time for liberty and justice is here for free humans to live in a lawful society.  We must immediately demand justice: seize the criminals’ assets, release all debt prisoners, and reform our monetary system.

Here are 5 signs that the end is near for the criminal banks:

1.  Global Awareness is growing among the peasants:  Bloomberg recently reported that more than half of Americans polled want the Fed reined in or abolished.  This poll indicates tremendous expansion of the public’s knowledge of the Fed in America. This tipping point of awareness has already turned to rage in Europe.

2.  Wikileaks to release Banking file:  Regardless of what these new cables actually reveal, the WikiLeaks saga has hit center stage and will undoubtedly reveal a further wealth of criminal activity.  This soap-opera-like, headline-grabbing story is guaranteed to penetrate even the laziest of mainstream news viewers. 

3.  Defaulting on Debt as a form of protest:  The global awareness of the Greatest Bank Robbery of both individuals and governments already has led to a major shift in mentality regarding debt and one’s obligation to pay it back.  People are refusing to pay their credit cards (or not using them); walking away from mortgages; and are suing banks in the fraudulent mortgage scam.  This is a movement that is beginning to recognize the system itself as an immoral one, so there is no moral obligation to further support criminality by participating.  This is a massive paradigm shift which will have a “trickle-up” effect, as this mentality eventually asserts itself on governments to stop cooperating with the proven thieves of the banking industry.  Governments will have to make the choice either to throw the banksters under the bus, or face their own possible collapse. 

4.  Ron Paul to chair Fed oversight: Author of End The Fed, Ron Paul, was named chairman of the House subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy that oversees the Fed.  He openly and repeatedly refers to the bankers as criminals in nearly every interview.  This is clearly a sign that the Fed’s days of running the plantation are coming to an end.  Over 25 years in the making, Ron Paul finally will have his platform.

5.  After-the-Fed debate heats up:  The focus until this point has been to End The Fed.  Now the focus has shifted to the assumption that the Fed’s days are truly numbered.  The time has arrived for groups advocating a new monetary policy to fiercely debate what type of system should replace the current private central bank.  This preparation and debate indicates that a collapse of the current banking structure is a foregone conclusion.

The above points are being addressed simultaneously as discussion is increasing about the fact that it is mathematically impossible ever to pay off the fraudulent debt that has been created.  Once this is realized by the majority, the end of the criminal banks will be seen not only as a near-term possibility; it will be seen as a self-evident necessity.  It is, in fact, The Bankers or Us:

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