TSA Gives Rapists And Illegals The Green Light While Groping Children

Paul Joseph Watson

While the TSA hires rapists to grope and fondle little girls, women, and the physically disabled in the name of security, it gives the green light to illegal aliens to fly planes and work at US airports, emphasizing once again that invasive “pat down” procedures have nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with treating the American people with less respect than farmyard animals.

As USA Today reported, despite the TSA’s outright lie that the new measures do not constitute groping or even squeezing, “The searches require screeners to touch passengers’ breasts and genitals.”

And just to make you more comfortable with the idea of low grade morons who could barely get toilet cleaning jobs touching up your wife or daughter, it now emerges that the TSA’s background check for their own employees is somewhat less stringent than the harassment travelers are faced with every time they go through airport security.

As AirSafe News reports, “The current system of background checks may have allowed those convicted of rape and other sexually based offenses to join TSA.”

Indeed, back in March it emerged that TSA worker Sean Shanahan, who was employed at Boston Logan International Airport to pat down passengers, had been charged with multiple child sex crimes targeting an underage girl.

Given the fact that the TSA’s new policy allows workers to fondle breasts and genitals, expect a flood of sex perverts and rapists to eagerly sign up.

But it gets worse – not only is the TSA employing pedophiles to grope your kids, the agency is giving the green light to illegal aliens to work in airport cargo security and also to fly planes.

The same background check that allowed rapists to slip through the net also enabled illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico to work in security at Stewart International Airport, a 2,400-acre facility located about 60 miles north of New York City.

Noting that the fiasco was “par for the course for the TSA,” Judicial Watch reported that “The illegal aliens all had security badges approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the agency created after the 2001 terrorist attacks mainly to protect airlines. The TSA’s national background check failed to detect the fake Social Security numbers and other bogus documents provided by the illegal immigrants to obtain clearance.”

Just this week Judicial Watch also reported on how the TSA approved flight training for illegal aliens.

“At a flight school in Stow, a rural community about 25 miles west of Boston, more than 30 illegal aliens were cleared by the TSA to train as pilots. This week three of them said they came to the U.S. from Brazil legally but their visas expired, just like several of the 9/11 hijackers. Each man provided official TSA documents approving pilot lessons through the agency’s alien flight student program. The Brazilians assure the agency never asked them about their immigration status.”
The TSA’s claim that it is sexually molesting Americans in the name of security is proven completely fraudulent given the fact that the agency concurrently opens the door for illegal aliens to access sensitive areas of airports while training them how to fly airliners.
As a result of its newly introduced policies that are tantamount to sexual molestation, the TSA has a public relations nightmare on its hands, with multiple prominent travel and pilot associations leading the backlash against invasive “pat down” measures as well as dangerous radiation body scanners.
Two more bodies came out just today to join forces with the growing resistance against airport oppression, with the Association of Flight Attendants and US Airline Pilots Association now becoming part of the boycott against naked body scanners.
The TSA faces insurmountable opposition and must immediately reconsider and drastically scale back its draconian checkpoint measures. The fact that the agency gives the green light to illegal aliens to fly planes while insisting it must grope little girls and physically disabled people in the name of security underscores the fact that the primary purpose of the procedure has nothing to do with stopping terrorists and is designed to humiliate and degrade innocent Americans and train them to accept tyranny.
As case after case of TSA abuse emerges following the Drudge Report’s prominent focus on the issue, another incident came to light where a young woman was handcuffed to a chair, yelled at and had her flight ticket ripped up by TSA thugs who then summoned 12 local Miami police, all because the woman had merely asked what the TSA were planning to do to her after she refused a naked body scan.

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