Political Solutions Are Hard to Come By in the Matrix

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” — Albert Einstein

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Obviously it is important for the recently awakened Human Tribe (Truth and Liberty movement) to discuss and analyze the faults of the corporate-government system in order to determine solutions.  However, it seems as though even the group the mainstream views as radical is still trying to affect change within the same corrupt system.  These pragmatists are still operating by rules of the system that have been written by the controllers for the sole purpose of supporting their agenda.

There are many in the Tribe with great ideas, such as returning to the sanctity of the Constitution, thus limiting government control.  This would indeed restore certain personal liberties and local controls, but the corporate controllers seem to have their claws into all aspects of Federal and local governments.  So the notion that it is feasible to have a strict return to the Constitution is slim at best.

Consequently, we must begin to question the solidity of the Constitution itself if the document hasn’t prevented the complete mutation of what America was meant to be — a new land with equality and freedom for all.  It hasn’t prevented corporations from forming monopolistic cartels with the power to control entire industries and buy politicians (and judges).  It hasn’t prevented a private central bank from being formed with unprecedented power over the global economy.  It hasn’t prevented our leaders from taking our country to unnecessary and unjust wars, against the will of the people and common human decency.  It did not prevent the “checks and balances” from falling to the agenda of the robber barons.  And, finally, it has failed in protecting the individual rights of the citizens, which arguably is the sole purpose of the Bill of Rights.

Yes, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are still the most brilliant documents in history to define a fair and just government. However, after centuries of perversion by court interpretations and rulings, and millions of liberty-smashing laws and statutes which allowed the rise of our Ponzi economy built by private counterfeiters and consolidated by anti-competition cartels, we must now question the power of the Constitution to address such shortcomings. Incidentally, returning to the strict interpretation of the Constitution would undo the centuries of precedents in the court and alter the public’s perception of reality so dramatically that it is unlikely to happen.

Many of us in the movement to restore human freedom have formed or joined political action groups in hopes of changing unjust aspects of the system.  All of these deeds should be commended and supported.  However, we must remain mindful that the whole as it pertains to the system is greater than the some of its parts.  In other words, the system and its controllers are more powerful than the individual parts of the system.  They have full control of the elected officials no matter which branch they serve:  the courts, the regulatory agencies, the economy, the war machine, and the media propaganda machine.

Furthermore, when we achieve small political victories they can take decades to implement, and ultimately they become hijacked or corrupted in the end.  The most glaring example is the Audit The Fed measure that was passed in the absurd financial “reform” bill.  Ron Paul, who is courageously doing his best to affect change within the system, originally proposed auditing the Federal Reserve three decades ago.  And when it finally was passed into law, it had no teeth left due to the utter corruption of the system.  It is important to note that this highly contested piece of legislation does nothing to change or halt the actual practices or structure of the Fed.  It only allows the Congress a one-time peek behind the curtain at what will surely be a well-orchestrated puppet show with a fictional script called “Cook the Books.”

Granted, promoting the Audit the Fed bill, like other causes in the Liberty Movement, can lead to a new levels of awareness among the public.  Ultimately, humanity will only achieve victory when enough people can see the true nature of the system’s prison.  So in that sense, these measures do serve a vital role to the movement.  However, we must realize that this watered-down political victory will do nothing to fundamentally change the system.

It seems that in order to truly affect change we must first, as individuals, resist aspects of the system through non-cooperation.  In other words, we must do as Gandhi said and we must “Be the change we wish to see in the world.”  It is living the change on a mass scale that will create the new level of consciousness needed to solve the problems created by our corrupt corporate-government.

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