The Medical Debasing of Humanity

The human race is being deliberately poisoned for profit and now the heavy medical boots of repression are going to make it much more difficult for people to do anything about it.

Natural Remedies Under Attack from Big Pharma

Dr. Mark Sircus

While man’s aggressiveness against his fellow man gets expressed financially these days (with the end result it’s going to be every country and trading block for themselves) this same river of darkness plays out in the medical world. It’s a world whose foundation sits on the ugliest cornerstone possible, that of greed. The full heart of that was born in the alliance between the Rockefeller group and the IG Farben Group almost 100 years ago.

There were Nazis on both sides of the Atlantic. We like to forget that; and after the war the most elite Nazis in science and industry were invited to the United States to live and work. The Nazi fascist spirit still exists. And what is that spirit? It’s the spirit of death. And it’s the tools and instruments of death that captivate such spirits as well as the money that can be made from them.

The Food and Drug Administration has finally concluded that manufacturers of CT scanners should do a better job of warning operators that a dangerously high radiation dose is about to be administered because dangerously high levels of radiation spells eventual DEATH. All of those who deal in radiation, toxic chemical drugs and heavy metal poisons in medicine are part of this club of death that exists in the belly of contemporary orthodox medicine.

In April 2011, European legislation, which has already been passed, will come into force. This will effectively mean that all herbal medicines will disappear from the UK. No Ayurvedic (Indian) herbs, no Chinese herbs, no Western herbs, no Tibetan herbs, no herbs whatsoever. We will have access only to treatments that are totally based on pharmaceutical drugs for treating our ailments. With no access to the full range of herbal treatments, all herbalists, Ayurvedic doctors, and TCM or holistic practitioners will overnight be handicapped in their attempt to help their patients.

Meanwhile Big Pharma is bringing out the big guns to label toddlers as depressed and then convince parents that their child’s normal behavior needs to be controlled with drugs. Does your toddler cry? Is he bored? Why then, he must be depressed—and there’s a drug for that. If the drug companies get their way, this is what will happen when you take your toddler to the routine well-child visit. What toddler isn’t defiant? What toddler doesn’t cry or get fussy? Those are normal behaviors, literally necessary if they’re to grow into healthy functioning humans. What could be a better target for a drug company than every normal child?

At medical and pharmaceutical headquarters in New York, the FDA is holding its own inquisition and is now is cutting off the legs of the oral chelation industry, warning everyone not to trust or use anything from anyone that claims to remove heavy metals from their bodies and bloodstreams. [1] All over-the-counter sales of “chelation” treatments are illegal, the FDA says. “These are in fact unapproved drugs,” Michael Levy, director of the FDA’s division of new drugs and labeling compliance, said at a news conference. “These companies falsely claimed that these drugs treat a variety of ailments, including autism and heart disease.” The FDA is of course projecting its own falsity here. They do not have drugs to treat autism and their drugs for heart disease are so badly off the mark it’s pathetic.

I have been friends for a long time with people in the natural chelation arena. Now no one is going to be able to tell the truth about what their products do and that will cut the public off from valuable information and essential treatments. Medical cruelty is reaching new heights at the FDA and that’s why I consider them to be appropriately labeled as the medical Gestapo. The human race is being deliberately poisoned for profit and now the heavy medical boots of repression are going to make it much more difficult for people to do anything about it. Everyone’s bodies are loaded with toxic chemicals and heavy metals and people desperately need to chelate the metals out and detoxify for the rest of the chemicals present.

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