It’s Not Just About Flying!

Jim Kirwan
How short the public’s memory is! Does anyone remember their first outrageous move? On September 10, 2001 we had 17 people on something called The No-Fly List. However thanks to a Bush instituted national and illegal spying program against every single US citizen that began in February of 2001, seven months before 911; so that within a year of 911 we had close to a million people on the NO-FLY List. This super-secret list had no parameters and was CLASSIFIED. If you were on it no one could tell you why your name was there and there was absolutely no-way to get your name removed: This was their first intrusive and illegal action taken to interfere with people that wanted or needed to fly in this country. And the whole damned thing was totally unconstitutional; yet no one really challenged it because it was all secret and there was no one to answer any questions within or even outside the government.

That was followed by the passage at four o’clock in the morning of the USA Patriot Act, which managed not to be read before passage, but which virtually assured the government access to all your money IF they suspected you of anything to do with terrorism.

The obscenities inside the airports that had begun with scanners was followed by the removal of shoes based on a “bogus shoe-bomber” which forced people to remove their shoes and gave a boost to a “heightened security awareness.” That ridiculous affair was followed by another false-flag event which was created by the US government that put a “bomber” on a plane without a passport (the government then filmed him throughout the flight) and then they had him arrested when a firecracker went off in his underwear (doing little to no damage) but creating this entire charade regarding the searching of everyone’s genitals for bombs etc. (including but not limited to pregnant women and babies in scenes right out of Orwell’s 1984.
By this time the body scanners had already been purchased at the urging of the former head of Homeland Security a dual-passport carrying Israeli-citizen named Chertoff who has made billions off of devices he has been involved in selling to Homeland Security during and after his “watch” was completed.

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