The Deliberate Debasing of Humanity

Dr. Mark Sircus

The medical elite have resumed their offensives against natural medicine. At the same time the most elite private bank in the world just decided to print 600 billion odd dollars, creating a lot more counterfeit legal tender funny money for the American government to misspend and be cruel with.  It is all about money and power, after all, and about abuse by the modern day kings and queens, emperors, pharaohs, dukes, princes and princesses ending up on top as they usually do. The rich have never been richer and the middle class is being crushed in order to sustain them at the pinnacle of power and wealth.

Things are finally getting into the open though and there are just certain kinds of people who cannot stand up to the light of day preferring the darkness as they do – in their domains of manipulation and deceit. In the medical area, for instance, vaccination rates are going down, meaning that more and more well informed (via the Internet) parents are seriously doubting the official pharmaceutical story, enough to keep four percent more kids away from those sharp needles loaded with nasty substances.

National Committee for Quality Assurance revealed that
vaccine rates are falling sharply among high-education families.

Mike Adams,[1] the Health Ranger, puts it right, “This trend infuriates the vaccine industry and all the shills who push vaccines, of course. Despite all their high-dollar propaganda, expensive advertising, and vaccine booths in airports, Walmarts, and grocery stores, more and more people are coming to realize that many vaccines are dangerous for children, and the seasonal flu vaccines in particular offer absolutely no scientifically-validated benefit whatsoever. They are pure quackery and nothing more. The really interesting thing about this trend is that parents with a higher education are consciously choosing to protect their children from vaccines. Remarkably, the vaccine industry insists that “they’re the stupid ones” because they don’t believe the vaccine propaganda.”

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