America at War: The Missing Election Issue

Doug Brandow
Campaign for Liberty

Americans have voted, and voted for change. Real change.

Yet the most important area requiring change is one that received virtually no attention on the campaign trail: foreign policy.

No doubt, wild spending and mounting debt threaten America’s fiscal future. ObamaCare will deliver worse medical care with fewer choices at higher cost. Extreme proposals for “cap and trade” could wreck the economy. Reform is needed on more than a few domestic issues.

But the U.S. is at war. Two wars, in fact. Americans are dying.

Yet virtually none of the 435 candidates elected to the House and 37 elected to the Senate on November 2 talked about either war. Former Bush aide Peter D. Feaver explained: “The big strategic consideration is that the electorate is energized over jobs, not over the war right now.”

Unfortunately, “out of sight, out of mind” appears to be the motto for most Americans. Like past imperial powers, war has become both constant and largely invisible. Military personnel die and funerals are held; service men and women are injured and families suffer. But most Americans go about their lives with little sense that their government is sending fellow citizens to kill and to die in the name of the American people.

Even more blame falls on the candidates, however. They are supposed to be debating America’s future. They should be offering contrasting visions of the future. They should be debating where and how the U.S. should be at war. And whether the U.S. should be at war at all.

Unfortunately, both parties are complicit in today’s welfare/warfare state. President George W. Bush and the Republican Congress demonstrated that they spend money like Democrats. In their six years together the Republicans tossed money at virtually every program. They were as bad as Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic Congress when it came to upping domestic discretionary spending. In fact, the GOP-backed Medicare drug benefit was the largest expansion of the welfare state since President Johnson’s “Great Society.”

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