ACTION ALERT: November 8 Public Meeting of Gulf Ecosystem Restoration Task Force

Editor’s Note:  This press release was submitted to us by The Dirty Cajuns.  To be clear: the meeting is set for November 8, 2010 at the Pensacola Civic Center, 201 East Gregory Street, Pensacola, FL. Starting time is 11:30 a.m.  You can show up, invited or not, and demand some answers.  

The November 3rd EPA press release claims their Restoration Task Force wants to hear from the public, but when coastal residents attempt to RSVP they are informed that the registration deadline was November 1st (two days prior to when the EPA let concerned citizens know about the event).

Lisa Jackson, the EPA administrator that approved countless exemptions for the use of the COREXIT is hosting a public meeting Monday in Pensacola, Florida that will help the public deal with the effects of dispersed oil. Here’s is what the release said, “President Obama issued an executive order in October to create the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force, continuing the administration’s ongoing commitment to the gulf region. The task force works to integrate federal restoration efforts with those of local stakeholders and state and tribal governments, and to facilitate accountability and support throughout the restoration process.  Document

Most residents on the coast maintain that BP‘s 100 million dollar PR campaign has all but silenced the free press while independent test results tell a much different story than our federal agencies would have us believe. “I find it ironic that the same person (Lisa Jackson) that approved the use of the chemical that poisoned the Gulf is now in charge of recovery… Now the company responsible for this mess is telling our government agencies what is safe for it‘s citizens?”, said Cherri Foytlin, the wife of an out of work oil worker, “I attended the Clean Gulf Conference sponsored by most of the major players in the Industry. Marty Cramer of Conoco Phillips announced, ‘The use of dispersants and burning of oil is no longer considered an alternative solution – it is the solution.’ What is a public hearing without the voice of the people? Some of the people in that meeting should already be in jail.”

While Foytlin, Billy Nunngesser, and many other Coastal residents were disappointed about transparency and the lack of representation in the federal response they still plan to take the trip to join Gulf Coast citizens in Florida who are still fighting for a voice in their own back yard.

The following messages from Pensacola natives on Lisa Jackson’s Facebook page:

I registered for the Gulf Ecosystem Restoration Taskforce meeting on 11/8. I attempted to register on the day of the press release (11/3) and it would not go through. I have finally successfully submitted my registration as of today. Should I expect a confirmation since the deadline for registration was two days before the press release? I am certain that this was an oversight by the person responsible for submitting the press release and that my late registration will not be a problem… but I have yet to receive confirmation. Can you please see to it that my confirmation is forwarded. Thank You!” — Trish Lowe 

Lisa Dear: 

Do you really think Posting the first Coastal meeting at the Pensacola Civic Center on the 8th of Nov at 11:30 AM 2 days after Final RSVP date would deter all of us?? Your tactics are going to backfire on you big time. Media is being informed of your governmental tricks and much of Government is also being informed of what you are trying to do… You are a pathetic excuse to be holding a position that is working for the Citizens of the coast… Anyone reading this show up and let your voice be heard.…”  — Merita Debbie Marble Blanchet

COREXIT is the Nalco product use to break up the oil. While largely keeping the oil out sight, its the reason scientist claim dispersed oil coats the seafloor and threatens our fragile ecosystem. Studies shows the dispersed oil is at least four times as toxic. COREXIT has also been linked to 8 deaths in Australia, countless fish kills, plankton, coral, and a recent CNN report link it to “Dramatic damage to marine life”.
Coastal residents are up in arms about seafood safety, health concerns, mental health issues and loss of jobs, but most importantly they want the rest of the country to know the reality of life on the coast. Even if they don’t get in the door they will hear our concerns in Pensacola. “It’s about clean air and water for future generations, and demanding that our leaders not only listen to the citizens of this country – but give us a voice. No longer can we let these jokers put profits above human life.”, Karen Hopkins, Grand Isle, La. 

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