Retired NORAD Officer Predicts Alien Invasion for TODAY

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Keep your eyes on the skies today. Former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham predicts that today will be the day that extraterrestrials will unequivocally reveal themselves to earthlings.  The announcement was made in September upon the release of Fulham’s third edition of his book Challenges of Change.  The book “reports this event will be the initial interaction in a process leading to mankind’s acceptance of the alien reality and technologies for the removal of poisonous gases from the earth’s atmosphere in 2015, if not sooner.”

The author draws upon his military experience with the UFO phenomenon dating back to WW2, and later, with NORAD and his subsequent life-long association with a senior NORAD intelligence officer who provided him a wealth of historical data relating to NORAD’s experience with the UFO/alien reality which has never been revealed to the public. In the military’s view, as conveyed to and understood by Fulham, the public is not yet ready to accept an alien reality.

Fulham writes it is generally recognized UFOs function beyond our earth’s physical laws, and has concluded answers to questions regarding who they are, where are they from, why are they here, are they a threat, and the mystery of abductions could only be found at a higher dimension of reality (Source).

Is The Establishment Preparing to Unveil Aliens? 

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