Possible Staged Terror Attacks As Operation RAILSAFE Set To Begin

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This is a very suspicious operation. Terror alerts have been issued in Europe and at the same time American officials are carrying out drills of the exact same nature? Staged terror is a documented fact and as the November elections draw closer we should be ever vigilant for a possible false flag attack somewhere in the world. This attack will be blamed on Osama Bin Laden[a dead man] and his supposed group, Al Qaeda.

Operation RAILSAFE will begin this weekend with heightened security throughout the national rail system. Commuters will be victim to police state security all in the name of fighting terrorism. Most officials taking part in these drills have been brainwashed to the point that they actually believe cave dwelling ninjas will once again attack America.

According to a Homeland Security official, the national rail system Amtrak will be increasing security beginning Friday for a planned exercise that is not related to the Europe threat. The exercise, known as operation RAILSAFE, often takes plan over holidays when rail travel is up. Fox News

CBS spoke to an Amtrak official who confirmed that these security measures will include bomb sniffing dogs and unconstitutional random searches.
Though light on the specifics for security reasons, CBS 6 learned from Amtrak Media Relations Director Steve Kulm Tuesday morning about the initiative called Operation RailSafe.
Kulm said it will happen sometime this week and involve heightened station patrols by uniformed officers, explosive detections, K-9 units and unannounced random baggage checks — among other measures. CBS
In late June, officials in New York took to the rail ways with assault rifles in a move to intimidate the public into believing that the threat of terrorism is so high that police need to be equipped with weapons usually kept to war zones. Unconstitutional random bag checks happened in New York and are set to happen once again.
Passengers encountered bomb-sniffing dogs and random bag checks from helmeted cops in bulletproof vests at Penn Station, the Port Authority, Grand Central Terminal and Herald SquareNew York Daily News
The documented fact that Al Qaeda was created by western intelligence seems to have been omitted from the corporate media once again.
A new terror attack will be used to further institute the police state throughout the world. Body scanners in high density public areas, blood drives, checkpoints, raids, and internet censorship are just around the corner.
As more and more evidence is released that proves that 9/11 was an inside job a new staged event becomes more important for the powers that be. A supposed terror attack would once again unite America against the false threat of terrorism and enable the government to establish even  more oppressive, unconstitutional laws.

Staged Government Terror:  An Open Admission Within The British House of Lords

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