Mission to stop nuclear terrorism

(Editor’s Note: Osama bin Laden’s only form of communication seems to be recorded audio tape, while by the CIA’s own admission there are only 50-100 members of Al Qaida in Afghanistan, yet we need a multi-million dollar program to keep them from Nuclear weapons.)

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A multi-million dollar US programme is attempting to make safe the world’s bomb-grade uranium before terrorists can get to it. 

Nick Meo

To the Warsaw motorists returning from their Saturday afternoon shopping trips, it looked like a nuclear emergency.

Frantic policemen, some wearing ski masks and all armed with submachineguns, flashed their headlights and leant out of their patrol car windows, shouting and waving to make the traffic pull over and stop at the side of the road as helicopters clattered overhead.

Then a convoy of seven lorries rumbled past, armed police in the cabs and radioactive warning signs stuck on the shipping containers they carried.

The frightened-looking motorists and their families didn’t know it but this convoy two weeks ago wasn’t an emergency; it was no exercise though, and the cargo being moved through the Warsaw suburbs in a top secret operation was the stuff of nightmares.

The lorries carried enough bomb-grade uranium for terrorists to build eight nuclear devices, sealed inside thick metal flasks weighing five tons each to stop radiation leaking.

The shipment, at the beginning of a 3,500 mile journey to a Russian reprocessing plant where it will be made safe, was part of an effort to secure hundreds of tons of highly enriched uranium worldwide before terrorists can acquire it.

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