DOJ Urges Citizens to Report “Extremists” Handing Out Literature

If you posted an Obama Joker poster or Tea Party literature on a public bulletin board, the Justice Department is warning you are a possible terrorist. 

According to a hand-out distributed by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, a component of the Justice Department, “extremist literature distributed at the mall or posted on public bulletin boards” is suspicious and a potential indicator of terrorist activities.

In other words, anybody who posted an poster near a mall should be reported to the authorities as a possible domestic terrorist.
The Department of Homeland Security has designated returning veterans, Second Amendment activists, and members of state militias as “rightwing extremists” who are to be considered potential terrorists. The Missouri Information Analysis Center, under the direction of the DHS, expanded the list of possible terrorists to include supporters of Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin.

According to the BJA, extremists may be drawn to “radical bookstores, weapons dealers, campaign offices, and activist group centers.”
The BJA hand-out customized for shopping malls and centers is available for download from the Dallas Police Department.

“It is important to the Dallas Police Department that citizens are alert, vigilant and report suspicious activity. The importance is as critical today as it was immediately after the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the United States. We ask citizens to be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activity. A quick accurate description of events can make a big difference in both Criminal and Terrorism related investigations,” a explains a page entitled “Suspicious Activity & Behaviors Indicators – Homeland Security” posted on the site.
Notice how crime and terrorism, according to the Dallas police, are inseparable. The Dallas Police Department did not come up with this “nexus” between crime and terrorism on its own. The connection was established by the State Department.
For instance, the State Department considers Mexican drug cartels to be terrorists. It is not clear if the State Department also considers Wachovia Bank a terrorist organization. Earlier this year, the bank was caught red-handed laundering billions of dollars for Mexican cartels. The Justice Department agreed to not prosecute Wachovia, once again demonstrating that there is one set of standards for criminal bankers and another for lowly citizens.
The BJA hand-out also instructs the public to report on people opposed to abortion, animal testing, and military recruitment.
Dallas citizens are encouraged to contact the police via cell phone text message when they see an anti-government terrorist near the vicinity of a mall or shopping center and engaged in criminal behavior.
“TipSoft SMS is a Text-a-Tip application which allows tipsters to anonymously submit information to our participating law enforcement agencies, schools, universities and corporations,” the TipSoft SMS page linked to the Dallas Police Department website states. “TipSoft SMS is seamlessly integrated within our TipSoft Online web application and as a mobile application that runs securely on many PDA devices. All modules allow for the simple and secure reception and response to tips via text message.”

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