9/11 Cover up: Standard Controlled Demolition or Possible Micro Nukes?

WTC Complex Hot Spots

Shepard Ambellas

On 9/11 there is no doubt that multiple bombs were detonated in the WTC complex. This fact can not be disputed and is clearly documented by thousands of videos and backed up by many eye witness testimonies.
Micro nukes or suitcase nukes have been around since the 1950′s. Multiple test have been conducted with micro nukes by our government within the United States. As a result, fully detailed plans to demo large buildings have been drawn up.
An excerpt from Military.com reads… “Suitcase nukes, or atomic demolition devices (ADMs), are actually small nuclear bombs. Both the Soviets and the US had such devices during the “Cold War.” They were to be carried by Special Operations Forces who would be parachuted ahead/behind main force units using the ADMs to destroy large bridges, collapse mountain passes, or destroy entire major headquarters.

These ADMs can be no larger than a king size suitcase. Some were designed for a large backpack. They were considered tactical nukes, and authority for usage could have been released to the Soviet “Front” commander or the US Theater Commander-in-Chief.”

A man by the name of Dr. Ed Ward has documented the use of micro-nukes on the World Trade Center complex attack that took place in September of 2001.
One of the smoking guns in this case is that over 5.3 billion pounds of steel was instantly turned into 2 billion pounds of dust. Massive steel beams were also bent like pretzels.

There were many events that took place on and around 9/11 that were out of place or unusual including a massive hurricane off the coast of New York.
The startling fact that most of the WTC buildings were pulverized into a fine dust, 20 microns in size or less, cannot be ignored. This is a tell tale sign of a high energy release typical of a nuclear explosion.
Eyewitness accounts and personal testimony indicate that people were thrown an entire city block from what was described as a warm wind just as the towers begin to collapse.
There were also multiple reports of “hanging skin” or “melted skin” on victims around ground zero. This was a common occurrence in the Hiroshima blast.
Major hot spots were reported in and around the debris for up to six months after 9/11. This is commonly referred to as “China Syndrome”, where nuclear material will continue to undergo fission for a period of time, generating massive heat plumes.
In most of the recently released videos of the WTC controlled demolition (via the Freedom of Information ACT) there were sections edited out of the video and audio clips. In most of the videos, the initial collapse of the towers  explosive sounds were removed. One video shows the penthouse on building 7 being demolished on the roof just before the building comes down.

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