Worldwide Eugenics Operation: Professor Openly Calls For the Sterilization of the “Unfit”

Alex Thomas
In what can be described as an open endorsement of eugenics, British Professor David Marsland has called for the sterilization of the people the the state deems unfit. Eugenics, the driving force behind Hitler’s Holocaust, has a firm footing in our society, whether it be through the use of vaccines, Planned Parenthood, or forced sterilization.
Marsland appeared on a BBC radio program in response to a request by a local council in the West Midlands who wanted to forcefully sterilize a 29 year old girl that they had deemed mentally unfit! This open admission/endorsement of eugenics is a slap in the face to government talking heads such as the Southern Poverty Law(Lie?)Center who have continually claimed that eugenics is a discredited pseudo science.
“Short of lifetime incarceration,” he said, the solution is “permanent sterilization.”
Not only did the professor called for the permanent sterilization of other humans, he actually laughed off the term, “Human Rights,” labeling the word as grossly overused. That’s right, a leading professor in Britain believes that rights are overused and should be looked past in situations that involve those who have been deemed unfit.
He dismissed possible objections based on human rights, saying that “Rights is a grossly overused and fundamentally incoherent concept … Neither philosophers nor political activists can agree on the nature of human rights or on their extent.” Live Site News

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