We the People Define The New World Order

We are all workers in the corporation called The New World Order.  This corporation has led us to believe that we are part of a world at its peak, where only banking interests can respond to the dwindling supplies. Naturally, we are supposed to adhere to the policies of the corporation in order to be saved. 

This structure relies upon a hierarchy that each of us accepts as valid.  This is no different than the priests of old who simply had the inside track on events yet to come.  The Elite aim to convince the population that each of us has a moral responsibility to abide by the legislation they create, based on the error of our ways.  It is nonsense, as this terrific video lays out.  The New World Order has done nothing more than to co-opt yet another of our terms for unity.  We should not be deceived into recoiling from concepts of oneness, for this is our only chance against an Elite who has a stated goal of reducing the numbers of “useless eaters.”  

The world has plenty of space, plenty of resources, and plenty of natural capital for each of us to enjoy. — Nicholas West

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