UN: No food crisis looms despite Russia wheat ban

Commentary:  Doublespeak in action — there is no food crisis according to the overlords at the U.N. despite riots in Mozambique; the ban by Russia; in-depth studies that already show sizable food inflation; and the U.N. itself citing that “markets will remain volatile for years.”  This statement is akin to all Orwellian DoubleThink (shortage is abundance now) that comes from the mouths of those who are encouraging apathy when we should be doing our best to prepare.  — Activist Post 
ROME — A U.N. agency says no global food crisis is looming despite the Russian wheat shortfall. But it is cautioning that food markets will remain volatile for years.
A drought in Russia that prompted the country to restrict wheat exports has helped drive up food prices globally to their highest level in two years.
But the Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization stressed in a statement Tuesday that the elements for a food crisis, like the one whose high prices sparked violence in some countries in 2007-2008, do not appear to be there.
Despite the drop in Russian wheat production, this year’s cereal harvest was the third highest on record and grain stocks are high.
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