The Time Has Arrived for Rebellion

Greg Evensen

The countdown clock and the last chance for “The Founder’s Legacy” of patriotic Americans willing to lay it all on the line for a new Republic, has hit 0:00. Rebellion is no longer an option, a late night “what if” discussion around a bottle of good wine and snacks. It is now the mandated response of oath keeping citizens and Constitutional defending men and women who have heard Paul Revere in 2010.

That “watchman,” who made the most famous call to prepare for rebellion in the history of the world, has come again, through all of us who have been riding across our land for several years and warned of the arrival of this most critical moment. It did not materialize lightly or without a desperate realization that it was on the way, and when it did appear at the horizon, life has not and will not ever be the same. Whether you accept this assessment or not, you will be involved in its reality, prepared or not, on board with the need to reclaim this country for freedom’s sake or not, courageous enough to muster with the band of the free and brave or not, you WILL still be counted among those who stood and fought with your countrymen, or posterity will judge you as cowards unworthy to live free.

If you need a “Manifesto” to justify your opposition to “traitors” in communistic, statist Washington D.C., and a supremely evil Presidential cabal headed by Obama, then here is one.

Health Care is now “law of the land” and an affront to the Constitution in every word. That law alone is worthy of open rebellion. The REAL ID Act and its “Nazi like” classifications of who you are and what you will be allowed to do is just the beginning. ANY of the federal agencies that are obvious rights breakers (FBI, IRS, BATFE, CIA, NSA, DHS, FEMA, USDA, FDA, CDC, etc.) and thousands of bureaucrats who owe their souls to a democracy of devils, head the list of particulars that define our corrupted rulers.

Control through the police state is the hallmark of tyranny throughout history. America in 2010 is no different. Specifically, the enemies list begins with the USDA, for the chipping of, and headcount of, every domestic animal in the nation. For what purpose have they done this? It is for control and the furtherance of that police state to be steered by the Agricultural Industry’s Czar in Washington. The “Defense of Farmers” rebellion could be this battle cry.

The FDA is next and covets complete control of all pharmaceuticals and natural remedies to corner not only the financial aspect of their war on American’s health freedoms, but so that they can also prohibit people from charting their own health destiny when it comes to how they will live and “treat” themselves against disease. For a huge profit, people are forced into taking poisonous vaccinations more deadly than the disease. This incursion into people’s lives and criminalizing health choices is alone worthy of rebellion.

S510, the regulation of gardening and the trade of vegetables/fruits, strikes at the heart of a free nation and a citizen’s right to provide sustenance for themselves and others should be completely protected against intrusion by government at any level. We had a “Whiskey Rebellion,” we now need a “Tomato Rebellion” as well.

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