Take a Second Look at Christine O’Donnell

Keith Johnson
WARNING:  I’m going to be cruel.
Christine O’Donnell’s victory in the Delaware Republican primary may not be cause for celebration.  A Christine O’Donnell in Washington may just mean one more vote for endless war in the Middle East.
This statement was sourced from her 2008 campaign website by ‘On the Issues’: 
Strategy to bring troops home from Iraq: it’s called victory

Christine has a strategy for bringing our troops home from Iraq: It’s called victory. Past mistakes should not deter our need to stabilize Iraq so we can get our troops home. We can succeed in the future, but we must accompany our efforts with the honor and respect we’ve earned as a people. We cannot leave on the enemy’s terms. We must leave on our terms.

Our Terms? Take a look at what imposing “our terms” on the people of Iraq has done to that nation thus far. The United States invaded Iraq under the pretext of neutralizing Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. In the process, the American military turned an emerging first world nation into a hellish, third world cesspit.  In the end, no weapons of mass destruction were found.  There was and will be no victory, and suggesting that America has earned respect and honor within the context of the Iraq War is an affront to the 1,366,350 slaughtered Iraqis and the 4,736 dead members of our American armed services.

Is this her idea of victory, or will that only be accomplished after we have shed even more innocent blood?

Remove the words “Tea Party” from the Christine O’Donnell equation and you may very well end up with your garden variety NeoCon patsy.  She has been on the political scene long before the Tea Party was even heard of.  In the last four years, she has made a run for the Senate seat on two previous occasions. 

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