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Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Lew Rockwell

As a culture, we like our reality on television, but seem to oppose it in economics.

For more than two years now, and even longer depending on your dating scheme, the federal government has waged war on the reality of the incredible Fed-fueled bubble that developed in housing with spillover effects on the rest of economic life.

That bubble had to explode to restore some sanity to the economic environment. There is no getting around that. The policies were all about trying to paper over what we did not want to deal with as facts. But the facts won’t go away.

Do we have to make a television show to get Washington to see it?

The FDIC has admitted that some 829 banks remain at risk of failure. That’s one in ten. Only 118 have failed this year but many more should have and would have absent Fed intervention. Meanwhile, there are no new banks started in the U.S. in the last quarter – the first time in 38 years that this has been true. As for the actual soundness of the banks, it’s anyone’s guess. How much bad debt they are carrying, with both lenders and borrowers agreeing to look the other way, is something that no one wants to know.

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