Is a ‘Mega-Drought’ on the Way?

American Dust Bowl

Robert Morley
The Trumpet

Seven years without rain. Three and a half years without rain. Have you ever read biblical accounts of drought and wondered if it could happen here? Could America survive seven years without rain? Studies indicate that the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, the worst drought America has survived to date, was small compared to what North America commonly experienced before European colonization. Could it happen again?

This is an important question because more than ever the world is depending on America to feed it.

On August 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin banned all Russian wheat exports to conserve food. Drought and raging wildfires had decimated the world’s third-largest wheat exporter beyond expectations.

According to the Daily Mail, panic buying from Middle Eastern and African importers rocketed wheat prices up 70 percent and even risked sparking food wars.

Russia confirmed the fears of many: The world’s food supply is unnervingly precarious.

Ukraine is in drought, Australia is in drought. Canada was under water last spring. Pakistan is under water now. And the world’s population continues to soar.

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