Fascism in America, Government Complicit in Covert Spraying of the Gulf

Alex Thomas
Today on The Intel Hub, award winning journalist Dahr Jamail reported some starling information on the situation in the gulf. The Gulf of Mexico has been poisoned beyond relief yet BP has continued to spray toxic dispersant. How is this happening in America? Agencies within the government have seemingly merged with the private sector, essentially creating a fascist American dictatorship.
Armed with a clever name, BP has set up an operation that enables them to find oil throughout the gulf and immediately disperse it. The Vessel of Opportunity Program has tasked BP workers with finding the oil, punching the coordinates into their GPS, and relaying it to command. Skiffs armed with toxic dispersant then descend upon the oil, continuing the cover up and chemical rape of the gulf. BP workers HAVE reported coming back to areas that they initially radioed in and seeing the obvious sign of dispersant deployment. Remember the pretend president and co. have repeatably insisted that dispersant hasn’t been sprayed since July 16th.

The mostly out of state workers have worn little to no protective gear, poisoning themselves while following orders to poison the gulf. Reports have even surfaced that Coast Guard boats have actually stood guard during these spraying operations. That’s right, unmarked boats, guarded by rogue elements within the Coast Guard are covertly spraying Corexit.
The amount of Corexit sprayed is, perhaps, the most important question that remains unanswered. Reports have varied with the most conservative estimates ranging from 1.8 to 2 million gallons.
“This is coming from a company that has lied about every single thing since day one. I have spoken to scientists[about the amount of  dispersant sprayed] and estimates vary with the highest being 40 million gallons”
We have extensively documented the amount of sick people in the region and the reports have consistently gotten worse. Entire communities are reportedly vomiting blood and passing blood when they go to the bathroom. This revelation is stunning yet almost unexpected. We all know that the average lifespan of a worker from the Exxon Valdez Spill is 51. Unfortunately, the amount of dispersant sprayed in the gulf far surpasses the amount used in Alaska. What else could anyone planning on using Corexit think was going to happen?
People sickened by the spill have received no help from doctors in the area. Apparently doctors won’t even talk about anything that has to do with BP, including dispersant poisoning.
Documentary film maker James Fox has also reported the presence of 2-butoxyethanol in sediment in Florida.
“I was talking to a worker that worked in the Exxon Valdez disaster and they reported that the Corexit was so strong it would literally melt her boot. You can just imagine what this is doing to the wildlife.”
The wildlife in the area have been poisoned beyond belief. Massive fish kills have become a daily occurrence. Our sources on scene have personally told us that these fish kills are actually worse than reported. Seagulls have even refused to eat the dead fish. This is absolutely alarming considering that Obama recently shilled for BP by taking his daughter to, “swim” in the Gulf.

Photo: Shirley Tillman
Staging areas have been set up with 370 gallon storage tanks that have been approved to hold dispersant. These staging areas serve as a command center where Carolina Skiffs are loaded and shipped out with their toxic concoction. While spraying from the water may eliminate the threat of direct contact with the chemical, it is actually worse when applied in bays and marshlands.
The fishing industry has been wrecked, perhaps beyond repair. Shrimpers aren’t catching shrimp, fish are dying, and the fisherman who have had their lives destroyed are being underpaid or not paid at all!
“Any line that previously existed between government and private corporations has been crossed.  BP is calling the shots. Obama is basically being used as a spokesperson for a private company.”
This is total Fascism. The merging of government with private entities is a direct violation of the Constitution. This isn’t conspiracy theory, rogue elements of the government are working to further the interests of private corporations. Last week a Texas A&M scientist reported on national public radio that Department of Homeland Security agents confiscated his samples and told him to leave.
This isn’t just happening in the Gulf of Mexico. In another instance of obvious Fascism, DHS hired a private Israeli intelligence company to track anti-gas drilling activists in Pennsylvania.
The situation in the gulf isn’t going to change anytime soon. We must continue to expose this toxic situation and refuse to comply with the corporate takeover of America.

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