“Brave New World” Psychiatry Pushing Nerve Drugs

Micheal Sunanda

Our growing national epidemic of psychiatric drugs smothers natural human emotions, sensitivity, and openness in relationships.  After shrinks have labeled someone as high anxiety, troubled, manic, depressed, bipolar, etc., they have the cure ready to adjust the behavior to their liking.  

Big Pharma has hundreds of psychiatric terms defining victims’ psyche and behavior to treat (or poison?) them to adjust, be nice, obey, consume, work, be normal and numb, thus belonging to our “great society.”  The billions in profits for Pharma-Chem motivates them to diagnose emotional problems with shrink terms that the makers themselves have designed drugs to control.  Victims of domestic violence are treated with strong nerve drugs to relax, go to work, to sleep, or to school.  Millions of U.S. school kids are drugged to pay attention and to follow class rules to learn subjects for corporate employment in the current U.S. war economy.
Some opponents of shrink drugs are exposing these medical diagnoses, treatments, and the labeling conditions of sick people, students, drug addicts, depressed women, mad teens, insomniacs, lost souls, the unsexual, and even menopause as mental disorders to treat with drugs.  The drug pushers want life-long dependency on prescriptions the patients or the government pays for.  This drugging further damages one’s natural wounded sensitivity after years of neglect and/or abuse from childhood on.  The truth is that many of emotional, hyper, or depressed people were victims of womb, birth and/or bonding trauma, circumcision, sexual abuse, or physical and mental punishments, which has damaged their psyche — sometimes for life.  Drugs to mask the effects only prolong and/or exacerbate the pain.

The details of the normal shrink habits of drugging victims is exposed in Toxic Psychiatry, by Peter Breggin, M.D., and many by Thomas Szasz, M.D., both radical shrinks in the United States.  Also, some psychiatry support groups help victims who have been robbed of their civil rights while being required to take drugs, denied civil rights of due process by parents, relatives and doctors who have treated them with drugs or worse: shock therapy, surgery, isolation, required “adjustment” counseling, and throwing them in locked wards.  That’s been happening for centuries with ever more high technology and drugs that can make patients into agreeable nice numb workers or zombies.

Of course most natural love-needs have been neglected with both Tough Love abuse, as well as Sugar Love neglect using praise, begging, bribes, promises and rewards.  Those tactics are ignored by medics, most therapists, shrinks, counselors, and priests.  But it is the shrinks who prescribe psychiatry, neuraleptic, and nerve-calming and stimulating drugs.
We should be asking more questions about how people are tested and judged to be mentally ill, disturbed, sick and chronically depressed, hyper-anxious/manic, bipolar and the hundreds of other “conditions” such as insomnia.

Suggested Questions:

What is the medical and psychiatric learning theory and diagnosis system that tests and evaluates people’s mental, emotional, and physical needs.  And what are some problems with these solutions? Working with an online psychiatrist has become an increasingly popular option.  Are any of the solutions Natural, Organic or Loving?  
How do we learn to conform to social standards of morals, education, health, democracy, approval, praise, belonging, being normal, creative, happy or peaceful?  How do our teachers, politicians and police define peace, justice, fairness?   What is the freedom — and for whose benefit, wealth, health, privacy and happiness?
What are the long-term, immediate effects and lifelong effects and results of taking shrink drugs on the organic health, psyche, emotions, happiness and peace of takers?
How do medics profit from prescribing drugs to the patients they diagnose?
How are the emotional problems of parents given to and trained, pushed and expected, or punished into children through parenting by the rules they enforce, push, bribe, praise, promise and reward “good obedient children” for conforming to?
How are babies born to scared, angry and/or toxic mothers in hospital deliveries hurt or damaged by the standard operating procedure of the high-tech, drugged, shaved, strapped down, hyper sanitary surgery they experience, with hurry-up methods that affects children’s learning potential?
How does medicine use the word “clinical” conditions, methods, procedures and treatments, instead of natural functions, abilities, sensitivity, balancing and elimination to heal our body’s pain, excess and unbalanced needs?  Does the diagnosis imply getting paid to treat people, while ignoring true causes?

How does our total pregnancy, birthing, and bonding experiences affect our health?   From this, what are the after effects on lifelong learning, feeling, needing, balancing, and elimination functions?
How do specialized psychobabble language terms work to educate us to listen, read, believe, trust, and follow advice for taking treatments from experts who have been educated unaturally?
Why have so many hidden/secret animal testing programs using drugs, deprivation, and pain — called “behavior modification” (not torture of course) — become studied control systems involving people, “guiding” behavior since 1920’s Pavlov, then Skinner in America?  
Why are drugs used to control millions of hyperactive and anxious, needy, rebellious public school students in order to learn lessons for tests that prove they are ready to work in unatural (toxic) jobs or go to college for management and government jobs?
Micheal Sunanda is publisher, editor and author of Oness Press since 1982.

MS – ex PS PE teacher, Cooperative Parenting family counselor U.OR. ’71 & Gestalt therapy, Hatha yoga,  Shiatzu, Polarity Balancing & Rebirthing breathwork ’70s,
Primal therapy & multi massage work.  Now Chi kung master teacher of Chikido – PlaYoga

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