Large Oil-Corexit Plumes, Fish Kill Coverup and Wackenhut

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Everyday it seems we get more and more proof that oil and dispersant are still poisoning the Gulf of Mexico. Project Gulf Impact recently took their second boat trip in the last week. The first trip brought us photos of freshly sprayed dispersant, totally destroying the myth that this disaster is reaching its end.

Large oil and dispersant plumes still linger, continually poisoning and destroying our precious oceans. Internal BP documents show that there were not one but TWO wells, raising the possibility that the ROV cameras may have never been placed near the real leak.
I spoke to Project Gulf Impact about their trip and they had this to say:
In some places you could see oil, in others it was clearly freshly sprayed dispersant. In certain areas there was a heavy chemical smell, in others it was oddly quiet.
As far as that trip goes, it was definitely the worst I have seen the dispersant. It was scary because some of the dispersant was still in powder form which would indicate that it was from a plane. It was horrifying to see the jellyfish and dolphins attempting to get away from the plumes, especially when certain plumes were over a mile long!

When they reached the shore they came across a massive fish kill. Later that day they attempted to go back to the area of the fish kill and found that it was crawling with private security. That’s right, BP has hired private security to cover up the damage caused by the oil spill and the subsequent dispersant overkill.

When we were coming in we saw a fish kill, that was the hardest part. When we came back later a huge cover up had begun. The beach was full of private security, Wackenhut security called in our plates and forced us off the beach. Private security on a public beach!  This all happened in a matter of hours.
Wake up people, this chemical rape will continue until the American people demand it is stopped. How has Wackenhut, with their reputation after Hurricane Katrina, been able to control and dictate the American people?

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