How is Independent Thinking Connected to Freedom and Prosperity?

By David Redick

Independent thinking (IT) is the basis for understanding the world around us, and beyond. IT means that you only believe and support information and ideas for which you have proof, or that at least make sense to you until you get proof which is based on analysis of facts and logic (evidence and reason). IT is the opposite of accepting whatever the masses, your church, political party, employer, or the government says is “right” or “true.” Unquestioned acceptance amounts to submission and kow-towing, and can lead to ‘herd mentality’, which is eventually damaging to the people involved. One must keep in mind that most leaders promote ideas that increase their power and wealth, or at least security. Thus their assertions and pronouncements must be analyzed as to source and validity. Sometimes their methods are more to support the institution they represent, than themselves (but they may benefit indirectly). This often happens in business and government, and can even happen with church leaders, such as we have often seen with the human and financial corruption of Catholic Bishops who run the Vatican, and others worldwide.

Independent thinking (IT) means that you are rational and take responsibility for your life and thoughts, rather than seeking emotional security, comfort, or righteousness, from believing what is “normal” to most people. It is not fair, or courteous, for ‘normal’ people to label those IT people whom they don’t agree with as “conspiracy theorists,” “kooks,” or “radicals”, or reject them socially, just because they disagree with mainstream thought. It follows that a courteous approach for IT people is to offer to educate their opponents on how IT works.

In summary, don’t think the lack of IT only applies to the ill-informed masses. Many educated and successful people also reside in the security and convenience of being a ‘willing-dupe’. In fact, many are active parasites who seek money, authority, or favors from their group by agreeing with their peers and superiors. This is part of our national decline of ethics, peace, and prosperity.

The Author gives credit for similar ideas in the book The True Believer by Eric Hoffer in 1951. Hoffer emphasized how a True Believer person is dedicated to mass movements.

Author, David Redick

David Redick is the author of two books about restoring America to independence:   Monetary Revolution-USA: Allow Gold-Backed Money from Private Mints, Abolish Legal Tender Laws and the Fed (Volume 1) and Rebuild America Now: Restore Liberty, Honesty, Rule of Law, and the Constitution.

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