The Great Gay Distraction Perfectly Timed for November Elections

Howard Beale
Activist Post

The establishment knows that gay marriage is one of the hot-button issues that drives voters to the polls. On Wednesday, U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker declared California’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, overturning the voter-passed Proposition 8.

We can now expect the news cycle from now until election day to be filled with this distraction from real issues like war and peace, and the hijacking of our economy by the criminal ruling oligarchy.  From the moment the news broke of the court ruling, the Drudge Report had no less than 8 headlines dedicated to the story.

The noise machine is cranking up, supporters are posting the story to all of their religious friends as if to say “in your face,” the pundits are out in full force, and surely the religious opponents will work up an angry lather in the coming weeks and months. This has come at a convenient time for the “conservative” politicians to take advantage of this ruling to drum up support for November elections.

They’ll claim it goes against states’ rights and is wrong according to the Bible.  Well, gay marriage very well may be “wrong” according to some interpretations of the Bible, but in America we have a little-known document that supersedes the Bible called the Constitution.  The liberty movement is all for states’ rights, but the states may not remove inalienable rights guaranteed under the Constitution without a Federal amendment.

To a free-thinking person, it should be obvious that the Constitution would allow the same rights to gay and straight people alike. Furthermore, the notion that two consenting gay adults forming a union has any effect on the lives of straight couples, or society as a whole is simply preposterous.  These gay couples will still exist, still live together, and remain Americans no matter the ultimate outcome of the coming appeal process.

Incidentally, this manufactured issue is nothing more than a distraction designed to divide people.  Sadly, it will probably work.

The narrative that will likely play out will be one where the conservatives will regain the Congress because of enraged religious voters, while the cynical progressives will stay home and sulk over their disappointment in Obama and crew. Conservative establishment politicians will then claim a mandate and the tyrannical agenda will continue.

No matter what religious beliefs we have, we are ALL God’s creation fighting against the same profound tyranny.  Religious or any other manufactured “hate” of our fellow humans is not what any religion should be. Be careful not to get caught up in this false debate.  If only issues of war and peace, and sound money carried as much weight and debate.

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