Fisherman Demand Real Representation, Instead are Blamed for Causing, “Bad Press”

This is absolutely disgusting. These fisherman have had their lives destroyed and when they finally had a platform to voice their concerns, they were not only mocked but actually BLAMED for destroying the fishing industry. Who do the representatives at the town think they are kidding? The use of toxic dispersant in the Gulf has poisoned the fish, and wrecked havoc on the fishing industry. Speaking out against this is not only important, it is the RIGHT thing to do whether it hurts your industry our not.

One supposed representative of the fishing industry went as far as to claim:

“I represent the Vietnamese fisherman…… Whats upsetting to me, is that you people have stood up and said something is wrong with the seafood and there is not…… Your hurting the industry”
Not letting people eat something that could be potentially poisonous is hurting the industry?
We all want the fishing industry to recover and without testing, this can never happen.
Mississippi Department of Marine Resources meeting at the Mississippi State University Coastal Research Extension Center at 1815 Popps Ferry Road, Biloxi, MS. Fishermen speak out on injustices of the government’s position on oil disappearing.

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