Brawls at the Fed, as the System Comes Down


A senior Washington intelligence source reported this morning that a serious fight has erupted inside the Federal Reserve over hyperinflation, and that people close to the Fed are going to be leaking details, which means the fight will intensify and become more public. He added that that fight is now erupting inside this week’s annual Jackson Hole economic summit of the Fed, whose host, Thomas Hoenig of the Kansas City Fed, has publicly dissented from Bernanke’s hyperinflationary decisions at each of the last eight meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee. And indeed, sources at that Jackson Hole gathering report that it is an extremely interesting one, especially its off-the-record discussions.

Lyndon LaRouche responded, “I’m not surprised about the brawl in the Fed; for me it’s not commentary. I know what’s going on. If we don’t get rid of this President, you’re not going to have a country. We’re talking about very short term. I think interpreting events is a mistake, because you’re not interpreting the non-events, or the events which are happening but which are not being reported or not being referred to.”

Returning to this topic, he added, later: “The break actually happened several weeks ago, and what you’re seeing with this Jackson Hole meeting of the Fed, and things like that, is you’re seeing reflections of the fact that anybody on the inside knows, without any statistical mumbo-jumbo, that this system is coming down fast.”

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