The 12 Top Reasons to Burn a Qur’an on 9/11

Hal Licino
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A Florida church which features “Islam is of the devil” billboards and signs on its property has announced that they will hold an “International Burn A Qu’ran Day,” on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The absurdly named Dove World Outreach Center, a non-denominational church located in Gainesville, Florida has held 9/11 protests previously but has never reached this level of sheer lunacy and anger. The so called pastor of this congregation of criminally insane crackers, a certain Terry Jones, has also authored a book entitled “Islam is of the Devil,” and insists that the protests are the mission of his church.

Top 12 Reasons to Burn a Qur’an on 9/11:

  1. To prove that you’re a reactionary, knee-jerk, braindead Christian fundamentalist who has been hoodwinked by criminally insane evangelists.
  2. To show the world that America really is that racist, intolerant, inexplicable, sadistic, and boorish nation that it seems to be from overseas.
  3. To demonstrate that you have no clue whatsoever about Islam other than what your hillbilly inbred white trash neighbors tell you from the trailer next door.
  4. To clarify that your form of Christianity would be vehemently rejected by Christ himself who taught to turn the other cheek, not fan the flames of hatred (and holy books).
  5. To provoke attacks on innocent tourist Americans in Muslim nations through no fault of their own, but as retaliation for your utter idiocy.
  6. To ensure that whatever small chance you had of going to the real heaven where faithful, righteous souls from all religions reside, you’ll be tossed in flames much hotter than the ones you’re firing up now for the Qu’ran.
  7. To establish that there is no effective rule of law in the United States and that justice exists only on paper, otherwise Florida State Troopers would place themselves in a phalanx between you and the pile of Qu’rans.
  8. To bring a well-deserved and surely merited fatwa upon you and your families.
  9. To continue to follow Terry Jones who is as mentally balanced and trustworthy as his predecessor Jim Jones.
  10. To verify that you and your entire congregation couldn’t find your butt with both hands and a flashlight.
  11. To teach your children that the proper way to shape American society is through sadism, violence, hatred, intolerance, and the rest of your aberrant, savage delusions.
  12. To embarrass your country, to shame your flag, to shoot down the American bald eagle, to spit in the face of the founding fathers, and to defecate on the graves of the soldiers who gave their lives to ensure your freedom.

As an individual who was born a Christian, is an extremely devout man of God, and is not a Muslim, I stand shoulder to shoulder with my Islamic brothers and say to those of you who will burn Holy Qu’rans and the millions who will cheer you on and wish that they had the “courage” to do the same: You are the lowest form of life on God’s Earth, and although you hide behind your claims of Godliness you are nothing more than the true spawn of Satan himself.

God is merciful. God is real. God is great. Therefore, I say to you:

Assalamu Aleikom wa Rahmatoh Allah

Peace, and may God be merciful with your souls.

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