10 Ways Retirement Abroad Can Help Keep You Young

Susan Beverley
Escape From America Magazine

We’re all well aware of the term ‘having a bad hair day’ – after all most of us have suffered at least one of these in our lifetime, even you men out there reading this! But as time takes its toll on our bodies and the stresses of life catch up with us, have you ever caught sight of yourself in the mirror and though ‘oh my goodness, I’m turning into my mother/father/great aunt Ethel?’ If you have, then you’ve experienced a bad age day!

None of us are immune to such an occurrence because sometimes the weight of the world we live in can really drag our energy levels down, and this can immediately be reflected in less than luminous skin, lifeless hair, tired eyes and deepening frown lines. But who wants to look in the mirror and see an aged parent staring straight back at them?

Fortunately, for retirees who have managed to shake off a lot of their previous stresses by making the move to a paradise abroad, bad age days needn’t be a regular occurrence because turning back the years and keeping old age at bay begins with feeling young at heart.

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