The N.H.S. Collapses Foretelling The Bleak Future of America’s Socialized Health Care

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To write that there are problems with the American health care system (symptom management system) is to commit an understatement of gigantic proportions.  As a result of frustrations with both incompetence within the system, and the system’s strong tendency to bankrupt its own customers, there have been groups of U.S. citizens who have been demanding a nationalized health care system for several years.  It says something about the current dismal state that so many U.S. citizens tend to believe that their government would almost certainly do a better job.  In many cases, socialized medicine proponents have heralded the British system as an ideal for the U.S. to follow.  They have boasted that everyone in the U.K. has access to medical care, regardless of income.

An economic disaster has struck the United Kingdom, similar to the one in the U.S..  One quarter of working-age Britons are unemployed, and those having part time jobs has risen 40 percent.  One of Britain’s first governmental institutions to experience the effects of the country’s economic tailspin has been its glorified national system of medicine.  The Telegraph has just reported that the British Government is now making health decisions for people, without their consent, in order to halt what it considers to be unnecessary health care expenses.  The British Government is suddenly deciding which medical treatments are necessary, and cutting its losses.  The British people shall continue paying the same exorbitant amounts in taxes, but for a lower standard of care now, and sometimes to have that care entirely refused against their wishes and well being.  The senior citizens are expendable, after all.  Right? 

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