Homelessness, conundrum for the new decade

July 23, 2010 
Part 1

This is the tale of two cities.  It’s a look at the cities of Boulder and Colorado Springs regarding their municipal approach to a growing problem on the Colorado front range — A problem that’s affecting not only the state, but the entire country as well.

As we all know, Boulder prides itself on being the forward thinking, liberally enlightened and progressive center of academia here in Colorado.  While Colorado Springs is seen as more of a conservative military town steeped in fundamentalist Christian values and right wing political views.  Yet in spite of these dissimilarities, within the last 12 months both cities have passed very similar ordinances banning camping and sleeping on public property within their city limits.
Now in rosier economic times, this would not be an issue.  But here in mid 2010, the economy is heading toward what may well be a full-blown economic depression by the end of 2011, and many folks are facing foreclosure and property seizures.  New jobs are virtually nonexistent and many existing jobs are being phased out as a result of economic constraints in both the private and the public job markets. As a result, many Americans are now on the verge of homelessness.

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