Gulf Oil Spill Under the Control of NATO

NATO Orders All “Critical Assets” Moved 100 Miles Inland From Gulf Oil Spill Region 

by Europe

A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared for President Medvedev by the foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) warns that Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) current Chairman of the Military Committee, has ordered all “critical assets” of the Western alliance to be moved “at least” 100 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe region setting up a potential battle in the US over who will control this disaster as it continues to get worse.

Not understood by the American people about the worst environmental catastrophe in their history is that it falls under the responsibility of NATO and not the US government due to the recently adopted provisions of the “Alliance Reborn: An Atlantic Compact for the 21st Century” major policy report outlining the responses of Member Nations in the event of natural disasters and other such catastrophes.

Curiously, this report continues, President Obama continues his fight to retain control over this historic catastrophe for his intelligence services instead of his military forces, chief among them the United States Coast Guard which is the defacto naval force for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who he has placed in charge of this disaster with BP, both of whom this past week threatened journalists with felony arrests and $40,000 fines for reporting on the truth of what is happening.
Note: US news reports are stating today that BP security guards and DHS agents have already begun making arrests, including Texas-based freelance photographer Lance Rosenfield.

Interesting to note is that Obama’s stance in refusing to allow his military forces to use its vast power against this catastrophe has put him at odds with former President Bill Clinton, who just this past week called for the US Navy to be put in charge so they can blow up the leaking well and avert an even greater disaster than what is now unfolding.
Though Clinton called for the use of conventional explosives to stop this oil leak, other experts, especially Russian scientists, (who are the only people in the World to have actually sealed these types of deep oil wells once they blew out) state that only nuclear weapons can be used as the Gulf of Mexico seafloor is now so fractured only this most radical of solutions should even be considered.
Spurring Admiral Di Paola into action, this report continues, was Obama’s statements about this catastrophe made to other World leaders at the recent G8 summit where he warned that “millions, perhaps tens of millions” could die due to this disaster while at the same time he had ordered his government to refuse all International aid.

After NATO taking command, though, Obama this past week was forced to relent and “reluctantly” began allowing foreign resources into American waters to begin battling this massive and historic disaster.  Note: To why Obama has refused to stop this catastrophe it should be noted the billions-of-dollars being made from it by many of America’s elite classes, and as we had previously reported on in our June 16th report “Obama To Earn Nearly $85 Million From Gulf Oil Disaster”.


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