Global Elites Struggle to Keep EU, Euro Intact

By James P. Tucker Jr.
American Free Press

Bilderberg members pushed hard in a frantic attempt to save the euro during the recent weekend-long economic summit in Toronto, but this action was ignored by the major media, which is under control of the secret group of international financiers and political czars.

“As the euro faces a challenge like none before, the question is whether it will last,” wrote Neil Irwin of the Bilderberg-controlled Washington Post way over in Frankfurt, Germany, as heads of state were gathering in Ontario, Canada’s largest city.

“The debt crisis that began in Greece and menaces half a dozen other European nations has caused the euro to lose 15 percent of its value relative to the dollar since January,” he wrote. “Some economists consider it obvious that the currency union will not survive in its present form, that one or more southern European nations will end up reverting to liras, pesetas and drachmas.”

What Irwin failed to write is that this is what was being said inside the Toronto G-20 summit.

As we go about our busy lives, the future of the euro and the European Union itself is being addressed in Toronto and Paris, with most leaders acting in unison in an effort to save the euro—which was high on the Bilderberg agenda in early June at their secretive meeting in Spain.


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