Ex-Goldman Sachs Hack, TARP Guru, Wants Your Social Security

Jason Linkins

Remember Neel Kashkari? Back during the financial crisis, Kashkari sat at the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Financial Stability, where he was in charge of implementing the Troubled Asset Relief Program — the fancy name for a wheelbarrow full of $700 billion in taxpayer money that went to revive the do-not-resuscitate banks of the world, which is exactly what those banks asked the government to do. Well, the whole experience made Kashkari terribly, terribly sad! So he went out into the woods to build himself a Cabin Of Emotions, where he could grieve over the fact that Washington, DC had lost the lustrous glamour that attracted him in the first place — during the Iran-Contra hearings.
But since then, he was rescued from his doldrums by bond giant PIMCO, where he became its managing director of investment management. Now he’s on the op-ed pages of the Washington Post, with a message for the olds: STOP BEING SO “ME-FIRST” and let us cut your entitlements!

A nation’s culture can have a profound impact on its competitiveness. Our shared beliefs in free markets, fair play and the rule of law inspire entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and give global investors confidence to bring their money to America. These beliefs have passed from citizen to citizen, from generation to generation. They have strengthened over our history and brought an important competitive edge to the United States.

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