2010 Hurricane Season: The FEMA Beta Test?

John Galt
Activist Post

The 2010 hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico is here and it’s all-systems-go in the preparation for the FEMA Beta Test.  This Beta test will likely happen in stages as storms will hit different areas at different times.  With oil- and chemical-soaked waters brewing in the Gulf waters, this hurricane season may prove to be the last time the coastal areas will be habitable to humans for some time.

Katrina was a mere practice drill by comparison.  As we witnessed with that event, FEMA was not there to help people, but to control them.  Mass evacuations didn’t take place for the first hurricane, though future incremental mandatory migrations will set the stage for a how to manage so many people. The season’s first storm was not a direct hit, but with the next big one a multistate biohazard site will likely be all that remains.  We will most likely see a ramping-up of FEMA activity in the coming weeks which could numb the public to their presence before they launch the forced relocations.

A Beta Test is defined as the second phase of software testing in which a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out.  A Gulf Hurricane will be just such a phase-two following Katrina. 
Katrina was primarily a testing ground for gun confiscation and for stadium modification to accommodate a concentration camp for those caught in a natural disaster. FEMA succeeded in detaining upwards of 20,000 people in deplorable conditions where there were “tales of rapes, child molestations, shootings, a man who jumped off the roof and a fire that broke out in the giant sport arena.”  America largely sat back and said:  “Horrible . . . but glad it wasn’t me.”   Well, a hurricane that will surge oil, crude oil aerosols, toxic Corexit chemicals, and various other deep-sea toxins will not be such a localized event.

It is unlikely that FEMA will try immediately to evacuate tens of millions of people, but it is certainly possible.  Rather, it seems that the active hurricane season will allow FEMA to increase their presence steadily.  It has become clear that Obama’s blockade against help to the region sets up the Gulf for a catastrophic event – the “problem.”  Once the first wave of toxic sludge and chemical clouds are allowed to wash over the area (just as a crack in the dam created the problem during Katrina), residents will be screaming for FEMA intervention.  At that point, wider plans can be set in motion during the calm that follows when the mainstream media can begin their propaganda campaign asserting that, “something must be done.”

Fear often leads people to be unquestioning of authority in desperate situations.  History shows that they will submit to all kinds of suppression while believing in their leader’s path, no matter where it leads.  You can bet that the evacuation route being paved by FEMA will lead to pain and strife for Gulf coasters.  While FEMA begins their Beta Test, residents should prepare themselves with the basics: important documents, a 30-60 day supply of personal daily medications, food, water and a GO Bag. Don’t depend on the government to take care of you; as General Honore, Katrina’s CAT5 General, said:  “The government is stuck on stupid.” 



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